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"There weren't many things that Mrs. Milligan did not know about Bedford High School. It's 
hard to imagine the number and variety of questions that crossed that counter in the Student Office, 
but Mrs. Milligan had answers for them all. She held herself to an uncompromising standard. She 
tamed the information monster and managed the office menagerie with skill and quiet strength. Her 
quiet humility made her capacity for detail and organization an almost unnoticed commodity- but a 
priceless one at that. 

There weren't many things that Mrs. Milligan did not know about Bedford High School. She 
knew the kids. She knew whose parent was sick, and who, after graduating, was living with whom; 
who was pregnant and who went to which university. She was an encyclopedia of absence excuses. 
She took it all in, day after day, week after week, year after year. She knew virtually every student's 
name, and their knowing that she knew made their interaction with the office especially personal. 
Yet with all that knowledge, there was never a question of anyone's confidentiality being 
compromised. Mrs. Milligan was a woman of immeasurable honesty, caring and integrity. 

As a private person, Mrs. Milligan may not have been well known by many, but those of us who 
knew her were lucky to have our lives decorated with the Milliganisms that we came to know and 
love: her passion for hummus and her fabulous homemade soups; her talent with fabric and yarn, her 
impeccable taste; and above all, her love of family, her husband, and her motherly pride. She was a 
generous heart who always gave. She gave when she was sick as well as when she was well. She 
was the voice of BHS for almost two decades. She was our Mrs. M, and we miss her dearly." 

-Jon Sills 

•' ' / / 






Senior Thanks 



XOL/ Messages 


Our theme this year, Vivid, exp resses our 
feelings about our school. Vivid shows our 
diversity, victories, failures, hopes, fears, and 
everything in between. Through the vi words, v\ 
describe the achievements and spirit of the 
students. The paint splatters illustrate each 
person's unique personality in the school. We 
hope you enjoy this yearbook as much as we've 
g it together. We have thought 
nts on every page and did our 
BHS. Years from now, this 
of your high school days 
u know them now. 
enior Editors 

This past summer I went to Trinidad on a mission 
trip. I spent a week running a VBS (Vacation Bible 
School), visiting an orphanage and rehabilitation 
center, doing construction work, and learning 
about the Trinidadian culture. I did similar work in 
eighth grade, so it was interesting to see what was 
different from my last Xnam^W time spent serving 
was humbling and I [ 
kids and singing si 
the trip was visit 
incredible oppo 
those kids hav< 
soon warmed u 
every foreign cha" 
possessed. Also, I rea 
worship. They had a steel-pan 
was amazing. The Trinidadian people 
vibrantly and when we greeted one anothe 
during the service, strangers were embracing 
strangers. No judgment or assumptions were 
made, it was all genuine friendliness. Finally, 
Trinidad was a great reminder to slow down. In 
their culture, life is not run by a tight schedule that 
consumes many Americans. Instead, they relish in 
"limin", their term for relaxing. So my advice to 
everyone is to "lime." :) 

-Monica Wong 



What was school like in Africa? 

"I went to a French school in N'Djamena, the capital aty of Chad, in 
^centr al Africa. The main difference is that in my school there. French is 
taug^|fc|^Dainlanguage. just like English is taught here. We do not 
' ^^^feMKdlly n ° music, art, or drama. It is not 

^^^^tesome computers, they are not 

Is there something they tau| 
here in Bedford? 

"The French school system seems to put a much larger emphasis on 
history and geography, while the American system seems to put a larger 
relative emphasis on math and science." 

Over the summer Apple Seibert and her two sisters, Maddie 
and Lizzie, went on an 1 80-mile bike trip to Greenfield NY, 
near Saratoga Springs. On all tups there are ups and downs. 
The best part according to Apple was "having sing-alongs while 
biking through the mountains". Maddie and Lizzie agreed that 
breakfast was the best part, especially "in all the cool diners". 
The worst part was "getting up early" because "every day was 
so completely exhausting" agreed Maddie and Lizzie. Apple on 
the other hand thought that the worst part was "bikms 
through the mountain* when there are no bathrooms in the 

' !i* 'One of the most interesting *' : 
they stayed in called Bennington, Vermont. The town's official 
mascot is a moosef Arounorric town are life-sized moose 
painted in different andffeative ways. "They gave out town 
maps with all of tj^ffoose locations on them. It was pretty 
awesome" said Apple. When the trio would stop for a break, 
they would sometimes rest at gas stations and it was there 
that they met some interesting people. "We met a lot of 
friendly gas station people who let us use their bathrooms. 
People have a lot of sympathy for you when you've been 
riding your bike for more than 4 hours." 
Some interesting facts: 

- Even if you drink 5 gallons of Gatorade, your sweat does not 
turn blue. 

- It's impossible to find a bathroom in the Green Mountains. 

- Scenery is much more enjoyable when you don't have to pee. 

- Bike shorts have a much bigger purpose than just making you 
look intense. Although, they are very fierce." 

Spirit Week 

Monday: Comfy Day 

I Tuesday: Buccaneer Day 
Wednesday: Salad 
Dressing Day 
Thursday: Black Out 
Friday: Class Colors 



f sip 

Spirit Week 


while the seniors are off 
celebrating the end of high 
school, the juniors head ou 
to the track. There, a paint 

r of epic proportions 
nsues. Paint flies through 
the air, and lands 

erywhere. Filled with jfl 
excitement and adrenaline, 
ew seniors smear paint 
emselves and each 
. They can't always te 
the person beside them 
is, but they don't care. It's a 
celebration of a new reign of 
seniors. The next day at 
chool they walk the halls 
proudly, still covered in paint 
from the night before. It 
doesn't matter that the paint 
itches and it's awful to get 


ord High School 


"It is hard to believe that we are here, graduating from Bedford High. Many of us have been together since 
kindergarten, and others are brand new. but regardless, we are going through this amazing and life-changing 
experience together! I am so proud to be part of the class of 201 1, and I wish everyone the best of luck as 
we step*t^it into the world together. Although it is hard to believe that the end of our time at BHS is here, 
> know we a/"e a| ready to enter into the next chapter of our lives." 

Anno P^i/-L'intf/-»n' M0I+-7 flracc ProciHont 

Jaclyn Bradford 

Gabriella Busa 

Karina Cammarano 

Adam Carmichael 

Monica Wong 


want to go to George Mason 
University because its very close to 
where I used to live. I know some of my 
close friends are going there, and it 
offers good classes in subjects I am 
interested in studying. 
- Nathan Jibilian 

After my first tour of Clark University H^new this was the 
school for me. The Clarkies are rear 

Barnard is a small liberal arts college but it's 
in a city unlike most small liberal arts 
colleges. It's also affiliated with Columbia 
University so I have access to a large 
university and I can take classes at both 
schools. Also, Barnard has a strong English 
department with lots of creative writing 
Hilana Ezekiel 

be active in the com 
community service b 
world, which is some 
the coming y : 
exactly wha 

I am going to Middlesex for a y< 
then hopefully transferring to Qj 
Carolina. I chose to go to Middl 
could get my grades up and go 
school that I have always wanted to g 
- Gabby Busa 

College and I plan on 
Education and 
ion. I chose 


I chose University of New Hampshire for 
the college I want to go to because I love 
the area in Durham NH and they had 
the programs I really wanted to get into. 
It's a tMj^MMM^^^rogram for 
OccuS' i Ow i.'r j.Mbey had the 
optjfl, lb| I tan •• E*.a minor. I can't wait 

Franklin and Marshall is a small liberal arts 
college just outside of Lancaster, PA. When 
first stepped on campus, I kinda got a 
feeling that this is where I want to be for 
the next four years. Baseball also attracted 
me to the school. After one recruiting 
weekend on campus this fall. I knew 
wanted to be a Diplomat. 
Andrew Green 

Before & After - 


Enchanting Eyes 

Matt Capozza & Kate Rosinski 

Sweetest Smile 

Dajaan Clark & Sally Waters 

Run across the country: Jackie Bradford 
Be the next Michael Buble: Alex Cuti 
Be Troy Bolton: Mike Cusack 

Joe Kim & Emily Gao 

Becca Darby & Kevin Barry 

Most Likely To... 

Ail-Around A 

Brian DiZio & Courtney Stacey 

Michael Marino & Kaitlyn Crockett 

ppear on a 'Got Milk?' ad: Jeremy Poe 
Be the next William Hung: Andrew Spector 

Manage an NFL football team: Mike Avakian 
Get into a car accident: Barbara Feuerstein 
Be a prima ballerina: AN Caturano 


Frankie Fay & Anna Walling 

Monica Wong & Patrick Coady 

Mary Guay & Catherine Davidson 

Ben Bosco & Tory Waldron 

Adam Carmichael &Jake Levenstein 

Jeff Ferro & Gabby Busa 

Sleep through an earthquake: Ed Kim 

Secretly take over the world: Tony Hronowski 

Be a National Geographic photographer: Andrew Green 

mm® * 

Rose Bennett & Stephen Adams 

Be mistaken as a bear cub: Julie Reynolds 
Own a tropical island: Taryn Peterson 
Be in the X-Games: Brian Rackowlski 

nvvcoui lie nn 
Erica Hamilton & Demetrius Steed 

Luke Vatcher & Ryan Abety 

Sean Mclver & Nick Badalaty 

Michael Chiu & Geena Chen 

Stalk Alan Rickman: Kylie Foy 
t woman president: Hilana Ezekiel 
Wake the dead with a single sneeze: Nick Donovan 


Be the next Dave Matthews: Dave Matthews 
Win Survivor or die trying: Alexa Pappas 
Be in every club: Haley Merlo 

- i 

-9 W 

Joey was 
too busy 
partying to 
show up for 
his picture. 

Ashleigh Anderson & David Finklestein 

Joey Valbona & Allie Walsh 

Emily Pietrasik &Jack Bernardon 

Tim Hennessey, Anne Dickinson Meltz, & Kyle Whitmore 

Be a pirate: Tyler Nearing 
Appear on a 'Got Milk?' Ad: Jeremy Poe 
Be the next William Hung: Andrew Spector 

Jacqui Cohen & Malik Mardini 

Elementary School48^ 




u II- i! w •• . k 4 / 1. 1! * " 

President: Haley Rhodes 
Vice president: Jesse Dickinson-Meltz 
Secretary: Hannah O'Connel 
Treasurer: Emma Currier 

_ Class of 201 

"By our junior year we are three quarters of 
the way through our high school lives. We 
begin to solidify our identities and prepare 
for our futures. This year we start to 
understand the people that we are 

unded by everyday. This year we begin 
to cherish our friendships as we plan for our 
senior year and our last days at Bedford High 
School. This year we begin to own who we 


Hayley Rhodes, Junior Class President 

Class of 2012 

Jessica Shaw Adrienne Silver 

Kyle Singer 

Caroline Slak Kyle Smallenberger Justin Smith 

Sade Smith 



Maria Tiano Anthony Tomao Tiffany Tong 


Rose Turner 

Alyssa Unumb Nicholas Vafiades Caroline Valeri 

Daniel Vande Kamp Olympia Veliz Elisabeth Watson Gabriel Webber 

Leah Weisner 


Nicholas Williamson Alexander Winkler Evan Wong 

Thomas Wilkins 

Grace Wilkinson 



Natasha Yeung 

Lillie Zacharakis 

Jennifer Zolla 


"2013 is a great class. We really went hard this year and 
raised a lot of money. Thanks to everyone who 
volunteered to help us out at all of our fundraisers. I'm 
really grateful. We did a lot this year and we'll be doing 
even more next year." 

~Ben Kaplan, Sophomore Class President 


i. v 








BHS CL^SSo<20!3 


Freshman Class Officers 
Jeff Taylor, Ben Driscolljess Cong, 
Marsha Pominova 

irless '14, 

This year we've entered a new chapter in our lives. A chapter that many of us were scared to face, yet all 
of us have made it through successfully! This year was different for you; the environment, the classes, and 
possibly even you have changed, yourself. High school is a journey all about finding out who you truly are, 
expressing yourself.and making mistakes. Through this journey, life will throw unexpected challenges; but 
we are all on this journey together. Let's make this journey a memorable one! 
"Together We Stand, Together We Fall, 2014 Has Got It All!" 
To those not returning next year: Once a Buccaneer, Always a Buccaneerl 

^ ' Your Class President, 

ML- BenDriscol." 








Class of 2014 

m Class of 2014 

Bedford Day is a celebration of our town. Through the center, a 
long parade marches, filled with groups ranging in ages from 
young to old. Those who don't walk fill the sidewalks and cheer 
on the parade as it marches by. The fun continues at the town 
center, where a collection of booths raise money for their causes. 

Aleta Devaney 
Diane DiNitto 
Jesse Dix 
Richard Donnelly 
Jaclyn Doran 

Susan Dowler 
Cassandra Dresser 
Christopher Edris 
Amanda Faulkner 
Jim Felker 

Jennifer Ferro 
Lisa Flannery 
Justine Flora 
Karen Ford 
Jerry Freedman 

Celia Gisone 
Kelly Guisti 
Michael Griffin 
Evan Grunwald 
Linda Gustafson 

Janel Halupowski 
Gail Hannon 
Jane Harvey 
Joel Herbert 
Liana Heldman 

Polly Herz 
Jane Higgins 
Donna Higson 
Colleen Irving 
Cathy Jordan 

Heather Kurzman 
Christine Larimore 
Cintia Laurencio 
Bernard LeClerc 
Sarah Leshay 

Arthur Lew 
Alison Lohrum 
Ken Lord 
Mon Luke 
Sandy Maczko 

Philip Maffa 
Keith Mangan 
Ashley Martell 
Sharon McDonald 
Sean McGowan 

Antigone McHugh 
Osvaldo Mejia 

Patricia Messenger 
Akil Mondesir 
Lisa Morrison 

Patrick Morrissey 
Nicole O'Toole 
Jerry Peters 
Jeanie Piantedosi 
Karen Poli 

Diane Pritchett 
Bill Rimsa 
Matt Rose 
Sue Rozen 
Diane Ryan 


B. ^ 'Ms 








Deb Sakelakos 
Marylou Sallee 
Karen Santos 
Kim Santos 
Lynn Sheehan 

Larry Sheinteld 
Jon Sills 
Jeanne Smyth 
Scott Stief 
Jake Sullivan 

Kelly Sullivan 
Jim Sunderland 
Jackie Supprise 
Alan Sutkus 
Lucas Taddeo 

Denise Terenzoni 
Nancy Thorsen 
Kristen Tocci 
Janine Towle 
Kevin Tracey 

Carol Twombly 
Cheryl Valeriani 
Kathy VanKuilenbur^ 
Laurie Venuti 
Kristen Vogel 

Dennis Walsh 
Joe Zahka 
Chris Zellner 

Athletic Trainer Skills Center 

Field Trips 

■P RALLY "-g large 


yr * 

Top (L-R): Coach Todd Smith, Kyle Cummings, 
Anne Bartkus, Hannah Kim, Zack Mayo & Michael 

Front (L-R): Joey Valbona, Matt Capozza, Danny 
Antonoff, Malik Mardini, & Cam Maron 



"The most memorable win for us was our first 
match of the season when we beat Boston Latin at 
Franklin Park. There were some tough conditions 
that day, particularly the wind, but we battled 
through it and came out on top." 
—Danny Antonoff 

"Even though we had our ups and 
downs. ..we always focused on the ups and 
stayed positive for our next game" 
—Malik Mardini 



Seniors: Joey Valbona, Malik 
Mardini, Cam Maron, & Matt 

^peratifllp: Taylor Laney 

Tonal: ^fljf e Hrinishih &,Monica Wong 
Most Valuable PlayeTT Julialtfontalto 

Top: Gabby Busa, Julia Montalto, Allie Walsh, Courtney Stacey, Coach Butler, Erica Hamilton, Taryn Peterson, Kate Hrinishin. and Monica Wong 
Middle: Erin Hurley, Leah Weisner, Megan Barr, Megan Norregaard, Julia Romanelli, Elle Thompson, and Emily Medwar 
front: Sam Hussey, Brittany Boyd, Julina Nocera, Marisa Citrano, and Abby McNulty 

Playing on the volleyball team was definitely one of the 
highlights of this year for me. We did what no other volleyball 
team before us could do by getting a banner for ourselves and 
becoming the LEAGUE CHAMPS! I had so much fun and I'm 
gonna miss all you girls next year! I love BHS volleyball!!!! 

-Jacqui Cohen 

Back Row: Mara Rohtstein. Caroline Slak, Anne Greene 

Middle Row: Allegra Scharff, Eleni Drivas, Vicki Albert, Justine Molloy, Lillie 

Zacharakis, Kiana McAuley Pomeroy 

Front Row: Anna Walling, Gabby Queenan, Kylie Foy, Becky Waghorne. 

Emily Pietrasik, |acqui Cohen 

ilyPietrasikJacqui Cohen 

Volleyball this year was the best 
We had the drive, determination, 
and desire to win, and that's what 
we did. " Kylie Foy 

Back Row: Nicole Charette, 

Natalie McDaniel, Vanessa 

Desiato, Madeline Nunes 

Middle Row: Melinda Coady, 

Katarina Bartley, Holly DeHart, 

Jillian Barnes, Briana Kilduff, Alyssa 

Bonny, Takijah King 

Front Row: Alexandria Riley, 

Caroline Valeri, Briana Murphy, 

Ariel McManus 

Not Pictured: Alexa Harris 

Boys Cross Country 

BtDfOlt Y m f • 
1 » 






t • 

4th Row: Jos 
3rd Row: Eric Tat 

en Drisc 

2nd Row: Nate Scholnik, Alton Barbehenn, Jesse Dickinson Meltz, Sam Bradford 
1st Row: Nick Donovan, Kevin Criscione, Sean Mclver 

IT* • 

I'' *b 

strip in 




ross Country 

Coaches and Captains 
Coach Gunnar, Michael Cusak Fitzgerald, 
Ben Weaver, Brian Dizio, Coach Boschetto 

DO.SUU / "**• . 

CUMPUs * Q t 

m " ° ^ 







- iir # ill 


Co-Captain Sally Waters on Believing... 

"As a small school in the DCL, we go against really 
tough competitors, so we need to come together as 
a team; we don't have superstars, so we need to 
believe that working as a team will get us through. 
When we stayed together and remembered the 
strong bonds we had as a team, we did well. If we let 
ourselves forget the team, and stopped believing we 
could do it through pure will power and teamwork, 
we made mistakes. " 


How was believing a big part of our 
success this season? 

"Without belief, we would be nothing. We 
believed in ourself and in each other; being 
part of the soccer team means knowing that 
you are going to make mistakes. You know 
that these mistakes could be costly, but also 
that your teammates will always be there to 
console you, back you up, and make up for 
your mistakes." 
~ Taylor De La Pena 

Captain Michaela Criniti's thoughts on the 

Q.What was the team's best win of the season? 

A. "L.S.. a big town that has always defeated us and we finally put them in their 


Q. What was the most intense game of the season? 

A. "Our C.C. senior night game. So much hard work went into those 80 

minutes, we just absolutely shut them down." 

Q. How was believing a big part of our success this year? 

A. "We went into every game saying we had nothing to lose and to believe in 

the team. We can accomplish anything if we focus and believe." 

* J I 


or • 

"Achieving to play every down 
hard, and leaving it all on the field. 
To have goals and to use those 
goals as motivation for the whole 

-Demetrius Steed 



Senior Captain Demetrius Steed's thoughts on the 

Q. What was the team's best win of the season? 
A. "The best win was our game against Arlington WE pulled 
together as a team. Fought right down to the last minute due to 
a game ending intercepapn by Taylor Dawson." ^Hj 

-ft f , 

^ * " -Ji 




8 ' \ \? 

If / ^ Aj 4 


Top Row (L-R): Mrs. Billouin, Katarina Bartley, Jillian Barnes. Taylor Stokowski. Ariana 
Terrasi, Alex Riley, Ariel McManus. Hannah Rosinski 
Middle: Alexa Harris, Ashleigh Anderson, Erin Hurley, Briana Kilduff, Nicole Charette. 
Kerry Donahue 

Bottom: Christina Deang. Laura Coughlin, Maddy Nunes, Jamie McDonald, Briana Murphy. 
Vanessa Desiato « ■ t ^^^m i — 

f 3 i 

wim and dil> I n 

Seniors Ed 
Kim and Nick 

"We had a great season. The team did well 
and showed a lot of improvement. We had a 
lot of fun. Everyone should try out for rifle 
next year!" 

-Captain Nick Badalaty 

5 16^ 


\* ft 

Top: Kristen Green. Ed Kim. Nick Badalaty. Guen Cyphers. Nick Chapman. Michael Chen. Elise Clerkin. Katie WyatL 
Jamie Garber, Shaylynn McGrory. 

Bottom: Erica Hsuing. Sami Plumley. Lingzi Pang. Chris Iwany. Jeremy Lu. Michael Ringuette. Ant) Singer. Maggie 

Indoor Track 

Q. How does moving relate to indoor track? 
A. The track team was never standing still, 
whether we were doing ABC's or laps at Reggie 
Lewis to warm up„we were always moving. 
Q. How did this season compare to other 

A. This year the indoor track had a lot of people 
break their personal records and qualify for 
states. A few people even qualified for a special 
meet that had harder requirements to qualify for 
than states did. Also this year Marina Boebel 
won the Division 4 states, and went to all-states 
where she placed 12th overall. 

JV and Freshman Teams 

fl&field Hockey 



Volleyball DCL Champs! 

" Bedford 


BHS Superstars 

"We made history this year. It was an 
amazing thing to see how far our hard work 
and team unity could get us. Walking into the 
gym and seeing the banner (pictured top left), 
with our year on it, that's such a proud 
moment. I am so incredibly proud of us." 
- Emily Pietrasik Co-Captain (pictured right) 

Carina Boebel is the new division 
I shot-put champion! 

I only started indoor track because I wanted to do something to 
teep in shape for softball, and for something to do. So I taught 
nyself every thing I know now about shot-put, and trained with my 
lister. That year I was the only freshman to qualify for states and 
von DCL All-Star. My sophomore year I qualified for states again, 
ind I placed in the top 6 which qualified me for All-States. Again that 
ear I was awarded with DCL All-Star for being the only indoor 
rack athlete to make All-States. But this year, my junior year, was 
ny most successful year so far. I was tired of having to throw the 
hot-put outside in the cold and having it get stuck in the snow and 
ny hands freezing. So I purchased my own indoor shot-put. I 
rained, and worked hard to push myself each practice, and though 
he season overall wasn't a good one for me, I qualified for a special 
nvitational meet. I then went on and qualified for the next level, 
vhich was a special elite meet in which of all 4 divisions only the top 
14 qualified for it. Using my new indoor shot-put I worked by myself 
md trained for states. At the states meet, on my very first throw I 
hrew 36 ft. 3 1/4 inches. This blew my old personal record out of 
he water and I was able to win Division 4 States. At All-States I 
laced 12th overall. Winning Division 4 States led to my winning 
XL All-Star for the 3rd year in a row. 

Rachel Dushman holds onto her 
division 2 state champion title! 

It was an injury freshmen year that introduced me to the sport 
of diving. Since that point in time, I truly fell in love with the 
sport as I'd never imagined possible. It provides me with a sense 
of freedom and exhilaration, as there is no better feeling than 
learning a new dive and truly perfecting an old one. Being a part 
of a high school team, making friends, and contributing to the 
team is a great feeling which has left me with a great sense of 
accomplishment. Learning to master my fears in diving has 
helped make me a more secure and confident person in life, and 
is something I will be forever grateful for. It was through 
dedication, discipline, and great coaching that I was able to 
accomplish all the goals I had set for myself in this sport. This 
year as a senior, I was able to win DCL All-Star for the second 
time in a row, as well as to become the defending two time 
MIAA Division 2 State Champion, breaking the BHS 1 1 dive 
school record with a score of 489.05 in the process. Winning 
States for my second time this year, receiving my second 
consecutive Boston Globe All-Scholastic award, and breaking the 
BHS record was undeniably the perfect ending to a wonderful 
four years at BHS, and is something I will carry with me for the 
rest of my life 

Activities fair allows 
students to sample bits 
and pieces of the many 
clubs that happen around 

the*hool. P 

Best Buddies 


My eight years at BHS and the LABBB program have provided me with a very different 
perspective than most students. I have seen the kids I began my school yearswith graduate and I 
made friends with a new group several times over. The turning-22 program at I.ABBB keeps us in 
high school until 22 and in some ways I saw the school from a teacher's perspective^rceting ne^ 
great seniors every year. My most enjoyable experience was the role of high school football 
manager with coaches Belcher, McGrath and Zellner. My brother and I went to the Patriots 
training camp when we were seven years old and we love football. It was great to win the DCL 
championship last year. I have also learned a lot from participation in the Principal's Advisory 
Council with Mr. Sills who is the coolest man in the school. I also served on the Superintendent's 
Advisory Council and have been the head working classmate. 

Michael Avakian 



9 jL 

Veni, VIdi, Via 

Latin Club 


Spanish Club 

French Club 

a Dombko 

Miley Cyrus 

Mr. Heber 

Man in the Yellow Hat 


arah Regan 

Anna Popp 

1 ¥ 


Best Female Newcomer Katie Heath 
Best Male Newcomer Evan Dombkowski 
Best Supporting Actress Anna Walling 
Best Supporting Actor Mike Cusack Fitzgerald 
Best Actress Anne Dickinson Meltz 
Best Actor Jack Linnehan 
Best Stagecraft Juniors 
Best Ensemble Seniors 
Best Play Sophomores 





a family." "I feel so lucky I got to share this experience with so many amazing people/V' l '^^ n 'a , 'j^ | ss/l^ ; impromptaii>| ga^mes." " 

Directed by: Nancy 'Curran Will*e>// CI" 
.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ by: Jessica Ham // Music Direction: Diarie Pn(t 



Mrs. Lynch Katie Heath 

Patty Simcox Kate Johnson 

h a ^mas Eugene Florczyk James Doud 

Jan Kaitlyn Crockett 

^fjMMf, ^ ^^^h Marty Tory Waldron 

Betty Rizzo Sarah Taylor 

HE9jH Doody Jack Linnehan 

Q M^lByJf'^y ^5^1 Roger Joe Neveux 

O fUf^ui **t!tk Will. Kenickie Mike Cusack 

^ liF C^t?* ifluk!J llfl Sonny LaTierri Michael Marino 

°° ■Ac^d Frenchy Anne Dickinson Meltz 

^ ^MB^^^^^^^^^B^H Sandy Dumbrowski Courtney Stacey 

B_ Danny Zuko Jesse Dickinson Meltz (^(^HHF^H 
^ Vince Fontaine Ethan Fine ■T^J 
Cha-Cha DiGregorio Kylie Foy t«J T ^ 
Johnny/Teen Angel Robby Bridgeman m^^^^ *"* 

^^^^^ j^E^t^ 


— ^ — ' — • 

"we'll always be together we'll always be togeth! 

j^-i'l bonded with the whole cast and connected with people I normally wouMp^l^jHPWp^j^^T^iusical I've been a partj 

loved everybody I worked with. I will remember this production for the rest of my 

"Summer lomn' 

had me a blast 

Pink Lady Ensemble: Rachel Cooley, Anna 
Walling, Kari Lua, Rosie Turner, Katie 

Segal, Colleen Nugent 
Burger Boys Ensemble: Justin Linscott, 
Evan Dombkowski, Leah Hamilton, Eric 
Tate, Nathan LeBlanc, Mark Dunlea 
Dancers: Devon Tate, Jess Doucette, Aryn 
Colonero, Talia Miller, Tessa Rosenberry 
Rydell Chorus: Sarah Cowles, Becky Klein 
Kiana McAuley-Pomeroy, Natalie Vatcher, 
Lauren Winn, Kerry Judge, Kira Perzel 
Mandell, Sevan Dulgarian, 
Emma Dombkowski 


of." "LOVE YOU ALL." "I could not have worked with a better cast for Grease. Sur 

p 4f. 

Marching Band 

Marching Band is the only reason I look forward to the return of the school year m tt 


Number One 

Per Capita Award 

Relay fo 

V „ id 




. ^ - \ 


< -"It is a great opportunity for students at BHS to be involved 
in a meaningful activity." 

- Lucine Bahitarian, Co-Chair 
"It's amazing, to see all the people who have overcome this 
disease. ..they bring vitality and hope to this event." 

- Noah Dines, Co-Chair 

Remember When.... 

World News 

• Chilean Miners trapped for 69 days 
-Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami 
- North Korea bombs South Korea 

- Egyptian Revolution 

- Total Lunar Eclipse 
- Royal Wedding 

U.S. News 

•Tucson Shooting; nineteen people shot 

- Health Reform passed in U.S. Senate 

- Major snow storms shock the country 


ordan Backpacks 

Why do you like Jordan 

Naki Ford: It was the last 
bag in the store. 

North Face Backpacks 

Why do you like North Face 

Elizabeth Barry: I like the styl 
and I noticed other people 
had them and I liked them. 


- v ■ • 

Why do you like leggings? 

Rosie Turner: I love wearing 
them because they're supe 

Nike Shoes 

Why do you like 

Marina Boebel: They are 
the coolest things I 
have ever put on my 

Word Trends 


> Camelbaks 

Why do you like 

Mr. Tracy: So I don't have to 
keep on buying plastic. 

Long Champ Bags' 7 

Why do you like Long Champ 


Hannah Higgins: It's big so it can 
t of stuff, and I like the style 

Senior Thanks; 

First I would like to thank Ms.Gisone: I would have never made it 
without you. Then to Coach Belcher for never giving up on me and 
giving me the power I have today. BIG Meech: I love you man, you 
always had my back and I always got yours. Tanky; we been bros since E 
team. I love you man and I'm always here if you need me- Jeff: we had 
The best times at Rockport. You're one of my best friends and we got 
many more good times comm'. Last thanks to my brother Sean Mowin: 
wings at blue lagoon at 4 am and ratlin' m the heavy fish to chillen' wit 
our sisters blowin" times away. But the best part ts always just lightm' it 
up m my room. Can't wart too see the good times we have m the future 
man. I love ya kid.! 

MOMMY AND DADDY- Thanks for putting up wrth me and far 
everything you do for me Especially for letting me finish my seraor 
year at Bedford. Love you. J.D. AND j.J - Love you guys. STEPHANtf 
AND MOMMY- Thank you both SO much for letting me stay with you 
senior year and for putting up with me the whole year Love you both. 
TAYLOR DLP- Thank you for aH the advice and noes, for taking cm 
of me. and for everything you do for me. I tove you Tay BECCA- 1 low 
you WIFE. Thanks for ail the late night tales, for ahvays bang there, 
and for all the friendly dates LAURA- Thanks for bsterwig to me 
complain aJI the time, for being my only fnend. and for gong on 
creeper missions with me Love you Ler ALUE. JULIE. MtCHABA 
MOLLY. A LAIN A. JOSH G. CBK- Thanks for making high school 
memorable, love y'all Anthony- High school wouldn't have been the 
same wrthout you Good luck class of 20 1 1 ! 

Stephen Adams 

Ashleigh Anderson 

Through most of the high school years my guidmg mentor has been Bill 
Brmklow and I also bonded with Ms. Que. Ms. Dunn, Ms Ganley. Ms 
Pappas. Ms Shannon. Officer Wardwell. Ms. Karen Frank, and Ms. Rizzo. I 
wanted to recognize my Best Buddies, Justin Pespisa. Matt Tiano. Evan 
Rosse. Sam Grainger. Dominic Gibson. Melissa Serotkm. Josh Kalendenan. 
Kevin Cangiano.Stephen. Dylan Curtin, Manny Soto. Todd Bohtgian. Kevin 
Tracey, Stephen Adams. Ryan Kremer, Zach Martmques. Taylor Dawson. 
Demtnus Steed. Dijon Clark, Thank you to my classmates Will, Adam. 
Nick. Ed. Suzie. Olympia. Luke and KC. I would like to give thanks to the 
teachers, my grandparents, my cousins and my family for the love and 
support. My advice for future students is to keep the faith and be yourself. 
Peace Out. God Bless. 

Michael Avakian 

Congrats class of 201 1! We did it! These past four years have been filled 
with some of the best memories of my life. Thank you to everyone who 
has been a part of these memorable times and for supporting me 
throughout everything, helping me be the best person I can be. Thank you 
to all my teachers, every year pushing me to stnve and reach my highest 
potential. I learned so much and I am thankful to have had the opportunity 
to learn from such an impressive school I would also like to thank my 
Armenian community and friends for supporting me every step of the way. 
Thank you to my family for having faith in me. Thank you to Christine for 
being such a great and supportrve sister. And finally thank you to my 
parents for making sure I was able to receive a good education and for 
supporting and guiding me through life. 'It's something unpredictable, but 
m the end it's right. I hope you had the time of your Irfe.' ~Green Day 

Thank you to my parents for always being supportive and pushing i 
work hard. 

Thank you Luke for being an awesome brother and fnend You have beer ^N^.* 

incredibly helpful throughout high school 
Thank you fnends for making high school fun. 

" Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game* 

MOM & DAD- You have been an inspiration to me. I w* never forget 
the times you have supported me, cared for me. and loved me Thanks 
for listening to me or at least pretending to with everythng I ever sa*d 
We have been through a kit over the 9 years with the breast cancer. 
You are truly an amazing woman & the strongest father I know. You 
showed me what real parents should be like LEEANN- you are my 
sister. I have gone to you for everything & anything. I w4 never forget 
the fun times we had and share together FAMILY & FRIENDS- you 
have always been there for me no matter what happened. I love you. 
MRS JORDAN!" Thank you I would be dead with out you. thanks for 
putting up with me n jun*x year J & teaching me what other teachers 
d«d not know I'll see you at your house for freshman year of coflege 1 
time of your hfc ' 

Lucine Bahtiarian 

Gina Ballard 

Eliakim Barkovic 

Thanks BHS for making my high school experience great. 
I will always remember how I was welcomed into the 
community by the students, staff and faculty. 
Mum. Dad. Heather and Hilary: Thank you for all the 
support and love. 

First off I want to thank my Mom and Dad I'm so grateful for everything 
that you ve done for me. and raising me the way that you OxJ There's no 
one more important kl my life and I do not know how I would have made 
rt through school without you guys Next I d Mte to thank the Olsons for 
being the most fun and enjoyable farmry anyone coukJ have Thank you Mr 
Connolly for putting up with me for 4 years, and teaching me my favonte 
subjects Mr Niven. thanks for be«ng me funniest and best academe 
teacher I've had over the years FwiaMy. I'd Wee to thank aB my fnends: My 
oldest fnends Gig, Donovan. Aaron, and Justm thanks for staying fnends 
with me smce before we knew what fnends were Juka. Shane. Jeremy, and 
Brandon, thank you for coming into my life and making rt much more 
enjoyable To all my other fnends okj and new. thanks for all the good and 
bad times we ve had together Peace out Bedford' (R.I.P AEO) 

Kevin Barry 

The ome that I have spent at Bedford High School has been short but 
great, l was welcomed mto the school communrty by a wonderKjl staff, 
student body and excellent teachers. With the support of my femey I 
know that I can conquer anythng.. Mum, Daddy. He a ther and He**. 

Love you guys' 

Heidi Belanger 

Hilary Belanger 

146 deserving 

There are too many people to thank for getting me through life. 
Thanks to my teachers for passing me in classes, I appreciate it. 
Especially you. Captain and Chief. To the best friends I could ever ask 
for; I love you all, I don't know what I'd do without you. Thanks to my 
parents for dealing with me and loving me no matter what. I know it's 
not always easy but you've both done it amazingly well. Dell, thanks 
for being a jerk to me when I was little so I'd know how to take care 
of myself. Jkk. You're awesome and everyone knows it. Thank you so 
much. Lucia, for absolutely everything. You're my best friend and the 
most amazing sister, I don't know any other college student who 
would get up at 5:30 to skype with her sister on the first day of 
senior year. You've made my whole life and I can't thank you enough. 
To anyone I forgot: I'll thank you if you don't mention that I forgot 

Rose Bennett 

l have thought about whom I am going to thank with these mere 175 
words and I can't decide. So, I'm going to stereotypically thank everyone 
possible. I would like to thank every single member of my family, Sam, my 
parents, all my teachers. Sundertal, Donnelly (DON BON). Big Griff, 
Bosch, my friends. P-Co. T Baby. Bad Ass B, A-bomb. Bergman. 
Weaveman, Mac computers (not PC's), the Honda Pilot, my XBOX 
(Specifically Nazi Zombies), my guitar, P90X, the BUCS. X-Block, garbage 
men, policemen, the guy at taco bell, every person that has either attended 
BHS or lived in Bedford. America (and I mean the real America), George 
W, BK, Wendy's. Taco Bell, the ever so tasty Micks, Flo Rida (Specifically 
for the greatest song of all time, Low). Juanes, Ben Rose on BHS Live, life 
without thinking about consequences, never losing at bowling or risk, 
Coach Diz's fresh kicks. JOE KIM (How could I forget him), things that 
don't even phase me, ping pong, the entire tennis team, and most of all the 
dollar menu. 

Jack Bernardon 

Wow, Senior Year. It's been a crazy ride, and there are a few people I'd 
like to thank. To my Mom and Dad, thank you for sheltering me, 
supporting me, and raising me to be the person I am today. To my 
teachers-it's been real. To Mr, Felker-Thank you for nurturing my love of 
music, and thanks for the helping me be a drum major - I'm honored that I 
was even chosen. To Mr. Bosch etto-your level 7 history class was hard, 
but the DC trip and Psych make it worthwhile. To my friends: you know 
who you are. Anyone I've played music with, had class with, or just chilled 
with has helped to change my life, no doubt Crew, NHD, 2009 Eurotnp, 
yearbook. AFS, etc. - It's just been amazing. Then there's the marching 
band.... You guys are an awesome bunch of people. Brye, Carl, Holly, 
Dela. Aryn, Robby, Chris, Akhil, Areen, and Jawy. just to name a few-you 
guys are legit the most amazing thing I've ever been a part of. May you 
always have Eyes with Pride! 

Nicholas Berman 

Thank you. Mom and Dad. for providing me with love and support, and for 
making me go to bed at a reasonable hour. I love you both very much. 
Thank you to all the teachers who have taught me to love learning, 
especially Ms. Sallee. Mrs. Alexander. Mr. Shemfeld, and Mr. Venkatesh, 
Thank you, Dr. Ryan, for all your help. Finally, thank you to all my friends 
for making me laugh! 

Isobel Boies 

Benjamin Bosco 

I would like to say thank you to my family; if it weren't for you guys than I 
would be lost and wouldn't be who I am today. MOM: I'm so lucky to have 
such an amazing and loving person as you are in my life. I can talk to you 
and tell you everything - I can't do it with a lot of people but can with you. 
DAD: I love you with all of my heart from your hilarious sense of humor 
to your love of running. If it weren't for you I wouldn't be a runner. ALEX: 
I love your caring heart; you give me a hug when I'm having a bad day. You 
inspire me to be the best in school from your smart brain that has taught 
me a lot. SAM: You're so kind and you'll always be my baby brother. You 
amaze me from your running and teach me to be the best runner that I 
can be. You give me a hand when I need it. So thank you so much and go 
class of 2011!! 

Nana O- thank you for being a huge support system in my life. Thomas- 
even though we fight, the times we don't are the best memories. Amanda- 
thanks for putting up with me, have fun in high school next year, stay out 
of trouble. O'Connor Family- thanks for always letting me escape to your 
house. Ton- thanks for keeping me out of trouble and always being there 
for me, love you always sister. Austin- you're like the little brother I never 
had, you're the best. A special thanks to Mrs. Jordan and Coach K. 
Mrs. J, I would never have been this far without you, you've done so much 
for me and thanks for that. Coach K, I give you a lot of credit for dealing 
with me. and helping me get through school, thanks. Stephen and Jeff- you 
both have been my best friends through everything, thanks. Field Hockey 
Girls- we have had the best times, love you all! The rest of you. you know 
who you are...Class of 201 1 . ML! 

Jaclyn Bradford 

Gabriella Busa 


For all the roads you come upon, never regret taking them, because 
each decision will hopefully make you a better, stronger person in the 
long run. To all the people who got me this far, to my teachers, family, 
friends, and classmates, I thank you. You have all molded me into the 
strong open-minded individual that I am today and all I can do is thank 
you. I am sad but also ecstatic to see my run in the Bedford Public 
School system come to an end; and I can finally stop writing "K -12" on 
school forms. I hope every one of my classmates looks happily forward 
into the coming years and I wish you excel at whatever you wish to do 
or become. 

Mom and Dad. I can't thank you enough for supporting me throughout 
my high school years. You guys have been and I know always will be 
there for me. Allie, you're awesome. I know I can always come to you 
for advice if I need it. It's been nice being m high school with you for 
three years. Good luck and have fun your senior year! I would also like 
to thank the Ab's (Malik, Luke. Diz) you guys have been like brothers 
to me, We've had countless good memories. I know there will be 
many more to come. 

Karina Cammarano 

Matthew Capozza 

v i ntage 


"We are who we associate ourselves with" 

Mom and Dad- Thank you for teaching me persistence and allowing me to 
be independent. By doing these things, I will never give up on my pursuits. I 
love you. Kathenne- Over the years we have learned to enjoy each other's 
company and share a bond that I wish we had formed earlier. You are the 
most caring, understanding and silly person I know and I have always 
looked up to you. You are a great role model and the best guide I could 
ever ask for m this world. Thank you for teaching me compassion. I love 
you, big sis. Friends- You have made my life in Bedford enjoyable. From A 
Place to Grow to high school, we've shared laughs and boredom, ndes 
home and McDoubles, a bus to Wawa and teachers. You guys are the 
reason that I loved growing up here and the reason why I would want to 
come back. Thanks. 

Adam Carmichael 

Thank you to the people, places, and music that made me lonely - inspired 
me • provoked me - helped me up. To the people who came and went and 
kept me company in the wee hours, and to the teachers who truly taught. 
And most of all. to my friends here who have taught me time and again 
that it is truly friends who matter more than anything else: All. Emily. 
Anne, Emma, Haley. Jessie. Courtney. Devon, Family... you are beautiful 
and I love you. 

Geena Chen 

Joshua Clarke 

To my family: I love you all more than I can even think to describe. Mom, 
thanks for taking such good care of me when I've needed it. and talking me 
through any and all issues. Dad. thank you for inspiring me to work as 
hard as I can, perform introspection, and instilling in me the worldview I 
have now. I don't think I could possibly have better parents. Kelly. 
Kathenne. and Richard, thanks for watching me grow up and being with 
me the whole way. I love all of your advice and the fun we have had 
together, singing in the car, watching movies, or talking. I love you guys. 
Camp, thank you for keeping me balanced, and giving me relationships with 
family and lifetime friends. History fair, thank you for teaching me to kick 
butt through hard work. Teachers: thanks for being so energetic and 
great. Tournament, madrigals, dance, and musical people, thanks for 
making life dramatic yet amazingly fun. Friends: thanks for keeping me 
sane, nappy, and loving high school. 

Rachel Cooley 

To my mother, my father, Andy, my good friends, my fellow runners and 
singers and other extracurriculars. the social studies and English 
departments, my parents again, my church, anyone who has ever grven me 
gum, anyone who has ever suggested me music, teachers that were 
pushovers, teachers that pushed me over, all the time-wasting activities 
that in the end turned out to be time well spent, anyone who has spent a 
Friday or Saturday night with me, my parents yet again, and all the other 
miscellaneous people whose paths have collided with my own, I send you 
all a sincere and loud THAAAAAAAAAAAANK 
YYYOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUU that ternbly understates how much I 
truly owe this fine institution of learning and all of its inhabitants It's quite 
possible that he stole it. but I believe it was Mr Donnelly who said. *lf your 
high school years are the best years of your life, your life SUCKS.* My life 
has to live up to some pretty high standards. Good luck. Class of '1 1! 

I'd like to thank my family, who've supported me and helped me to jet 
where I am now. Thank you to my friends for making my experience 

school enjoyable 

Ching Hua Chang 

In a world where some students risk their lives to attend school. Bedford 
High School has provided me with a solid foundation upon which I can 
further my education, and for that I am extremely thankful. Paul Krugman 
once said that the world is more competitive now than ever, but I am 
confident that with the start BHS has given me I have nothing to fear. A 
school, however, is nothing but a collection of individuals, and without the 
classmates with whom I've spent the last four years, BHS would not be 
BHS The atmosphere created by our student body made school feel so 
much more worthwhile, so for that I would like to thank you all. Finally. I 
would like that thank my parents Steve and Michelle Chtu and my sister 
Christie for constantly encouraging me to push the limits and realty 
discover what I am capable of. All that I ever was. am. and ever hope to be 
is due to the support they have given me 

Michael Chiu 

These years couldn't have ever happened without some senousry key 
people. Obviously my mom and dad. everything you ve done, al 
support you've grven me. dealing with everything that I've thrown at you i 
love you both!' And of course my brother DJ. you ve always been then 
for me with advice. I really appreciate everything, love you! To al my 
closest fnends (first off. you all know exactly who you are?) I honestly CH 
say I would be in some kind of institute without you all. from the advice, t 
the parties, to the gins n>ghts. to the chJi sessons. to weekend get a way* 
and everything m between' We've had more fun times together than I 
even begm to name! *"*AR. JA JD, TR. KL. CO. MG. KBO. JD. BW. PC 
EP. JH. Nl. BR. I love you guys" No doubt m my mmd. weH have many 
more amazing times ahead of us!! The best is yet to come!! " " 

Jacqueline Cohen 

Mom-thank you for always supporting me and teaching me leadership and 
independence. Dad-the ckxk doesn't lie. thanks for always believing r\ me 
no matter how much I wanna q u it AkiaS little ones-thank you for making 
life so vivacious and loving me to no extent. Gaire-my ro*e model. my 
squishy.thank you for teaching me everything I know. most importantly 
making me cry from laughing,! would never switch roomsjulie-thank you 
for always being the rock and giving me your cub hand to hokJ.Laura-yOu 
and btankey are my lovers even if you mock my feet Molly-best fnends 
since age 5,thanks for being with me to grow up and making my childhood 
amazing Becca-sloth out thanks for be«ng so loyal Tay-thanks for being so 
sarcastic and gangely Ash-thanks for giving me advice anytime Steph- 
ruffle.CS AT K.R T.P M.W Malik-love you mama, thanks for always 
listening to me and dancing in art.201 1 boys-thanks for making high school 
so interesting, wouldn't trade you guys ever Mr Niven-thank you for being 
the best teacher I ever had.Soccer&lax girH-thank you for everything jm 
going to miss you all Mce crazy CARPt DIEM BHS 

Michaela Criniti 

Thank you to my mom. dad. and sisters for supporting me no matter whai 
crazy things I choose to do. I love you for that Also to my kidc-butt 
fnends. for being some of the greatest people I've met. H^h school's been 
such a blast, and I won t forget you guys A speoal thanks to al of those m 
the Drama Oub: you guys rock! And for the Tournamem-of-Plays 
*exper»ence * (Shadows will never be the same...) My dance class 6m: 
remember. "When m doubt, crump it out 1 * (Oh. and we must coordinate 
outfits to Miss Amy 's wedding ) More thanks to al of those it Yearbook, 
the Musical. Show Chew, Madngals. Belachords, and the Shakespeare 
Festival A big thanks to the musx: department for letting me play my own 
gender my senior year. (It's about time.) 
(Finally, to quote Wicked like the true theatre geek I am): 
'Because I knew you. I have been changed for good 

Kevin Criscione 

Kaitlyn Crockett 

Michael Fitzgerald Cusack 

Mem - thank you for everything. You supported me through everything 
and have always been my best friend. Words can't thank you enough. I 
love you. David - thanks for being there for the whole family and always 
fixing my computer at crazy hours. D and T - thanks for the support and 
inspiration. Rachel - the best big sister and friend I could ask for. Thank 
you for guiding me through high school and doubling my wardrobe. 
Hopefully wherever I end up next year will be closer to Delaware! Friends 
- thanks for making high school fun. I love you all. Bnana and Judy - thank 
you for being there for me as a second mom and sister. BF crew- thanks 
for the laughs. Ciao bellas! Ms. Ferro - thanks for making a small part of 
every day during the stressful junior year fun! Class of 201 1 I love you all!! 

I would like to thank my parents, my family, and my friends who have 
helped and supported me throughout my school years, especially the past 
four. My mom and dad have believed in me and encouraged me m every 
way possible throughout my childhood; I can never repay them for their 
actions and kindness. My family and friends have made my life remarkable 
and exciting, and given me all the memories I will cherish eternally. High 
school has provided me with many opportunities, and I greatly appreciate 
all the teachers and faculty who have made those opportunities possible. I 
thank all the teachers who have taught me so much and helped me chase 
my academic passions. I would especially like to thank the teachers who 
have dedicated their time to the robotics team and science team, as well as 
those who have made my experiences m musical ensembles and festivals 
possible. If not for all these astounding people in my life. I would not be 
where I am or the person I am today. 

Alexander Cuti 

I want to thank my friends and family for making high school a more 
enjoyable experience. I seriously could not have done it without you guys. 
As Art Buchwald once said, "Whether it's the best of times or the worst of 
times, it's the only time we have." Live it up, peeps. 

Rebecca Darby 

I did it." First of all I want to thank God, because without him I wouldn't be 
here today. Next, the person I love the most in this world, the person that 
showed the most belief in me; my mother. Can't forget about my father, 
who has never given up on me. Also have to give thanks to my supporting 
grandmother. Shout out to my little sister Shaquana Deas 
for waking me up every morning for school, I love you. Mrs. Luke, I didn't 
forget about you. Thanks for the guidance and help through out the school 
year(s). To my loving and caring METCO director. I love you. I will always 
remember my class. Class of 20 1 1 . 

Catherine Davidson 

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've 
imagined." -Thoreau 

Mom, Dad. Jesse, and John; I love you all so much more than I can ever say. 
Thank you for making these years so special, for supporting me, and for 
making me who I am today. Ally: I love you so much, for all the movie 
nights. B&J ice cream, understanding, and compassion. Court: I love you so 
much, for doing absolutely everything with me and for being the fun, 
insightful, awesome girl you always have been. Allie: I love you so much, for 
making my life interesting, for being part of my family, for being my sister 
Geena, Kayla, Sally, Ah. Tayz, Kyle. Leah, my BellaChords. my 
Musical/TOP/Madz Friends, my XC girls, the robotics crew, the 5-families. 
all my awesome BHS teachers, everyone who has been part of the ride, all 
of you will always be part of my memories. And to Nick, all my love, always. 

Cullen Deas 

Anne Dickinson Meltz 

I want to thank all of the great teachers I have had at BHS, especially 
those who inspired me to do my best work, not just for a grade but also 
for the experience. To my family- you are my best friends, and I couldn't 
ask for a better mom or brother. You are always there for me. and I can't 
thank you enough for everything that you have given me. I would also like 
to thank my amazing friends, who I couldn't live without. We've had so 
much fun together, and you have all made me into a better person. "If ever 
there is tomorrow when we're not together, there is something you must 
always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you 
seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if 
we're apart, I'll always be with you." - A.A. Milne. 


Brian Dizio 

Emma Dombkowski 

I have to start this by simply saying thank you to my family, in particularly 
my mom and dad. Thank you for putting up with me all these years. Then I 
need to go on to say thank you to my brother Chrts and other older 
brother in Alex Russo. Chris. I haven't said this enough. I'm happy you're 
my older brother and thankful for it every day. I love you. Russo thank 
you for all those years of guidance and advice when Chris didn't know 
what to say. Thank you Grandma, you mean the world to me. Thank you. 
in particular, to Meechie. Big Will, and Kimble The three of you have been 
the best friends I could have ever asked for and have changed my life m 
small but important ways. I would like to extend this thanks to all the 
members of my track teams through the years and all the other people I 
call my friends. Thanks again everyone for all the help you've grven me. 

Sean Donnellan 

Nicholas Donovan 

Words cannot articulate how thankful I am for my family, friends, and 
teachers. I could not have made it this far through my life without your 
love and support. To my friends: Vanessa Carlton's lyrics say. "In these 
broken time it's so easy to forget, so I sing to remind upon my shoulder 
you can rest, cause I'll always give you my best.' I like to think that life is 
like outer space; constant movement of planets, comets, and stars and 
sudden changes that are out of anyone's control. To counteract the 
spontaneity and action, we have friends who are like gravity; we keep each 
other grounded. Without you as my gravity I don't know where I would 
be floating off to. I love you all so much and wish everyone the best! 

Jessica Doucette 

"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start 
today and make a new end"! From kindergarten to senior year I couldn't 
ask for a better school experience. I want to thank my family by helping 
me get through life with little struggle. Mommy. You helped me through 
the years of life when I needed you; you were always there for me to 
count on when I had hard times. Daddy. The advice you gave me really 
helped and guided my way through reality, you were also there for me 
when I needed you. Dernc, your a wonderful big brother and you taught 
me a lot. you helped me look at life in so many ways that I couldn't 
imagine. Derek II. the best little brother ever, you always make me laugh 
even when I'm really upset, you help me get through my rough days. 
Grandma & Grandpa. Thanks for always believing m me when I didn't 
believe in myself. Thanks and I love you all so much. 

Holly Drake 

To Marching Band for keeping me tn the music. To Ms. Amy for show 
me how just moving my feet can free my soul. To Robby for being i 
shoulder to cry on, my laughter provider, and my number 2 Speed CM. ' 
Bryan for holding me up when I was falling, or falling down with me just 
make me laugh To Adirondack Woodcraft camps for bringing me out 
my shell and showing me the world To Dad for those big hugs at the e 
of the show and the amazing days at the football games. To Scone 1 
teaching me how to k>ve every person I meet To Mom for bemg I 
inspiration to never give up and to always show people the best of you 
matter what it takes. To everyone who has impacted my kfe. I love you 
for everything. "Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, a 
impossible to forget-" 
I'll never be able to or want to forget you. 

Throughout high school I have had many influences m my life, beginning 
with my parents. I will be forever grateful for their constant love, support, 
and endless encouragement Their countless hours driving me to 
gymnastics practice, watching soccer games, track meets, drve meets, and 
supporting my late night projects, have helped me reach my full potential. 
While their advice and high expectations might not have always been 
appreciated. I now realize it was one of the contributing influences that 
helped motivate me A huge thanks goes to my number one fans, my 
grandparents, and my unde. for all their love and support of everything I 
do. To all my coaches, who supported my dreams and reinforced the 
importance of hard work and discipline, patence and teamwonk, I thank 
you. Last but not least thanks to all my friends for simpry being there, 
accepting me for who I am. and taking this crazy journey with me. 



Jessica Dumont 

Rachel Dushman 

"Life is a journey not a destination"- Ralph Waldo Emerson, I think of high 
school as the last leg of the first part of my journey. I've learned a lot about 
myself over these past four years and I'm ready to move forward. Thank 
you to my parents, teachers, and friends, for shaping these years and 
making them memorable. This time of my life has taught me a lot about 
myself, my family, my friends, and the world around me. I want to thank 
BHS for playing a role m that. This is the end to a great chapter m my life 
and all that I have left to do is turn the page 

Hilana Ezekiel 

First off I'd kke to thank my family. Without them I woukJ've never made \ 
this far Mom, Dad. Dan and Mart, Grandma. Grandpa. . I love you a 
Thanks to my football family Stephen, who I played every year snot 1 1 
put on a helmet Meech. Taykx. Dajaan. J mac, George, and everyone i 
I've played with over the years Playing with you guys made Fridays < 
special and you re all like brothers to me Thank you to all my friends wti 
made school worth coming to... Donovan. Aaron. Greener. Sam. Bern 
Jess, Lucia. Spec Diz. Jack. Tbabes, Mary. NicoTay. Kyte. Brandy. Ed. Gei 
B-g Will. Colin. KB. the Kremery Taymes. Vmce. Christian. Ben. al * 
footballers I mentioned already, anyone who made me a happier person • 
you don't remember I do the list goes on it's because of all of you thi 
school was a little less boring everyday To any teacher who ever 1 
me anything: thank you for your support and patience. Good 
everyone m the future and please keep m touch. 

Alright, alright so its time for my senior thanks so, Ima lay it down on 
you real quick. To the Ferro household. Ma, Dad I couldn't have done it 
without you guys, you plopped me out right into the easy life, and always 
stnved for perfection in everything I do. so don't worry its engraved 
into me now. You carved the work ethic of a champion into me. and that I 
will be. Mike. Jimmy, Vegas once I'm 21. I guess you guys weren't so bad 
after all. To me 20 years from now. if you aren't a millionaire, you really 
screwed up on the way. That's ok I still like you anyways. Ms. Dresser, as 
much as I hate LC, I secretly look forward to it. But don't go getting any 
ideas. Thank you. Stephen, you're my dude, and I know you know what 
I'm talking about, because I never do. To all my people, the class of 201 1. 
and all the crazy shenanigans that have gone down, "To the nights we felt 

Jeffrey Ferro 

Here's a poor attempt at my senior thanks: Tory, our minds are connected 
in some awesome way. too many laughs to mention. Thanks for standing 
by me. Gabeybabey you're my little child, And counselor Many laughs and 
priceless moments. Alice, you've been my shelter and someone I've always 
been able to talk to since 3rd grade! Guys, stay m touch. Love you too 
much. Kyle what can I say that I haven't already? You're sunshine. You've 
made me a better person. I'm forever grateful, love you. Mom&Dad. 
thanks for dealing with my homework all-nighters and sticking by me. love 
you. Lindsay: poop. Thanks Riley and Noah for making me laugh everyday. 
Bren&Claudia for looking out for me. Justin, don't stop dreaming 
Hopefully we made a senior project. ..Tournament thanks for raising stress 
levels. J Love volleyball girls. Andrea won't forget cheerleadmg. Shout out 
to the LeBlancs and Nat. Lindsay jk love you thanks for being perfect 
sister. To teachers who've made me a better student/ person, shout out to 
Mr.Niven. Love you Toby. Class of 20 11 ! 

I would like to thank my parents I appreciate all that you two have done 
for me. even though sometimes it might seem like I take it for granted 
Mom. a special thanks to you for always having an open ear when I needed 
to get something off my chest Dad. I am beyond amazed and thankful for 
the sacrifices that you have made to provide for our family and mamta*i the 
custom of Irving that we are used to And I would like to clarify that even 
though everyday I am becoming older, wiser, and more mature I wiH 
forever be your little girl For my brother Michael, your big heart and 
selfless ways give me hope for humanity. For my brother John, thank you 
for always being there for me through thick and thm. As for Gammy and 
Grampa, not a day goes by that I don t think of you two. I love you an 
dearly and each and every one of you has influenced me to become the 
person I am today. 

Barbara Feurstein 

Over my years at Bedford High School. I have learned so much. creaJ 
lasting and wonderful friendships, overcame hurdtes. visited new country 
and had an overall amazing time 1 I would like to thank my famJy 1 
helping me through hard times, staying up late to help with hornewoi 
and supporting me when I needed it the most I would Ute to thank al r 
teachers who guKied me along my path of knowledge, for being avatol 
after school, and for making classes exerting and memorable. To ai f 
fnends. my cheerful, happy, sweet hfanous. and wonderful friends al 
besties (you know who you are). Each one of you is a truly rernarkal 
person, and I will always be grateful for your fnendshp. I wri aftM 
remember fondly the parties, jokes at the lunch table, marching band, 
tnp to Europe, dances, hangouts on base, the Barrage concert 
freshman year, the dehoous dishes m AFS dub, and countless other go 
times. Bonne chance mes amis' Peace out! 

Kylie Foy 

Kaitlyn Friden 

Thank you to my classmates for being the best friends a girl could have. 
School would not have been so much fun without you guys. To all my 
teachers, especially those who put up with my antics, you made learning 
enjoyable. Joe, you make me the happiest girl in the world.. .so thanks, I 
guess., like, if you're into that kmda thing. You're my best friend and my 
other half. I love you. 

Emily Gao 

Andrew Giangrande 

"I would like to thank my family and all the people who helped me have an 
awesome school career. You know who you are " 

Thank you to everyone who made it more fun. 

Carl Gocht 

Mary Guay 

Mom and Dad: Thank you guys for always being there for me whether it 
was on the basketball court, the field hockey field, or at home. You guys 
were my biggest support system, and without you I would not be where I 
am today. I love you! Julie: We have had our moments when things are not 
so great, but we have managed to stay really close. You're a permanent 
best friend, and that will never change. Mor and Papa: Thank you for being 
a consistent part of my life for the past eighteen years. You are like my 
second parents and I love you so much! Courtney, Julia, Anana, Allie, 
Taryn, Gabby, Jess, Alex, Kayla, Kate. Monica. Callie, Jamie, Elle. Sam, 
Malik. Mike. Luke, Brian: Thank you all for the fun times, the laughs, and 
the memories we've had. F-ho and B-ball Girls: No matter what our record 
was we still had fun and I will always remember that. Love you girlies! 
Class of 201 1 : Thanks for all the memories; it's been real! 

MUM AND DAD: I love you both beyond words. Thanks for giving me 
so much freedom, support, and trust. Thanks for the braces, concert 
tickets, and letting me do dual-enrollment. I'm unbelievably lucky to have 
such loving, understanding, cool parents. SAM AND MOO: You guys are 
the best and I love you very much. You're both so awesome and funny 
and I can't wait to watch you grow up. I'm proud to be related to you 
knuckleheads. Make good choices! HALEY AND KATE: You're the best 
friends ever and I don't know what I would do without you two. Thanks 
for always being there to hug me and make me smile. Thanks for listening 
to my music (even when you hate it), putting up with me on bad days, 
making me laugh till I ache, and being my BFFS4LIFE. I love and adore you 
guys so much. MR. NIVEN, MS. ALEXANDER. AND MS 
HALUPOWSKI: Thanks for challenging me. supporting me. and pushing 
me to reach my potential. I have learned so much from all of you. 

Erica Hamilton 

Emma Haviland 

Mom, I could not have asked for a more loving and caring mother. Dad, 
thanks for always believing in me and encouraging me. Dan, I know I can 
always count on you to be there for me. Theresa, you're the best little 
sister ever, everything you do brightens up my day. You guys have given 
me so many lifelong memories and the best life anyone could ask for. I love 
you guys so much. To Jack, Pco, and Badalaty. ping pong, Taco Bell, 
Mickey D's, and zombes, need I say more, Mary, thanks for inviting me to 
your birthday party awhile back. To my History Fair Group. McDonald's 
was a blast, you guys are great Zoe. I never knew anyone who could 
make me smile so much; you gave me confidence to just be myself and 
thank you for being the greatest friend. Thank you all for being there for 
me and giving me some unforgettable memories. And thank you to the 
rest of my family, friends, teammates, classmates, teachers and everyone 
else. Thanks! 

Timothy Hennessey 

I want to thank my family, my friends, and my teachers for all of their 
support - you all have helped me become the person that I am today. 
Mom, I truly appreciate all that you do for me, and I'm so thankful that I 
have you to encourage me and guide me through life. Dad, you're always 
there for me when you can be, and you can always know how to put a 
smile on my face. Kyle, you're the best brother anyone could ask for, and 
I'll always remember those days when I would get stressed out and you 
would always be there to cheer me up and show me the humor m 
everything. I love you all! Thank you for everything - I only hope that I 
can make you all proud someday. 


Grace Huemme 



Kate Hrinishin 

Haley Huggins 

Mom and dad: Thank you guys so much for always bemg there for 
You guys have been my support system for the past 17 (18 when yol 
read this) years and I can't thank you enough KyUc. Tory. Gabs. You guy 
have been the most amazing friends' Through the good times and the ba 
times we have managed to get through rt all and I love you guys* (By *i 
time I shafl have the record for never receiving the GHOST once) I 
like to thank the Julia bonfires. (...and the people there) NA)(j) ta been 
crazy four years, but we managed to sttf nay every once *> awhfc. 
cannot wart until our future plans become reality lol) JV Vbal 09: <3 M i 
you guys! SO glad that you guys became azn and watched Domyojj an 
Rui with me (And Hmart!) Thanks to all my other fnends who weren 
mentoned (because of word count), you guys are all so amazing and I k> 
you aW 

Laura Humphries 

I always said how I wanted to get out of bonng "Deadford." Now it's time 
to go and I don't want to. I love it here. From Davis to BHS. so many 
things have impacted me so immensely, especially the Class of 20 1 1 . Even 
if we weren't the closest of friends over the past 13* years we've spent 
together you have each done something to help me become who I am. 
You are incredible and I wish you the best of luck in the future. 
Of course I'd like to give a special thanks to a few people. Family: Mom, 
Dad, Robert, (and the rest of the lovino's/OConnor's) for helping me 
with spelling quizzes, late night projects, and getting me to school on time. 
Thank you for being there for me. Ms. Kornfeld. you are an incredible 
teacher. Thank you for making history a subject I love and want to pursue 
as a career. To friends: thanks for memories of talent shows, sleepovers. 
bonfires, ihop/sonic runs, seahorses, dances, chuchu. sparkalishis. Thanks 
again and good luck! 

Andrea lovino 

Mom. Dad. and Gaby: Thank you for all your love, support, and tolerance 
throughout the past eighteen years. You have shaped me into the person I 
am today and I will miss you so much next year. 

Grandma and Grandpa: Thank you for all the ndes to my after school 
activities and the best Cape Cod vacations any kid could ask for, I love you 
both with all my heart and will constantly think of you whtle I am away. 
To all of my teachers: Thank you for choosing to do something incredible 
wrth your lives, to teach kids the knowledge and maturity they need for 
the real world. I am so grateful to have been m your classes, and I 
appreciate all of your hard work- 
To all of my fnends: Thank you for all the laughs and the memories. 

Nicole Khvilivitzky 

I'd like to thank the people whom I couldn't have handled high school 
without: my family. I know I may complain and drag my feet, but you 
never gave up on me. and if it weren't for the constant pushing. I wouldn't 
be graduating this year. Also, there are certain teachers that I am glad I've 
gotten to know: Mr, Rose and Mr. Nrven. Mr Rose, you know how 
important a role you've played. I don't need to go into detail. And. Mr. 
Niven, you are by far the best teacher I've ever had. I've never had such a 
good time in English class, and I'm glad you were my teacher. And. last but 
not least, my fnends. I wish I had enough space to talk about each of you 
in depth, but 175 words isn't much. You guys have always been there for 
me, and you know who you are, I can't thank you guys enough. So long 
Bedford High School, you'll be missed. Dernnis. 

Aaron Kinch 

To kick things off. I would like to thank my parents. They are the best 
parents in the world and everyday I am thankful they are always gong to 
be there for me no matter what. Second. I woukj like to thank my brother 
for always having my back on everything. Next I would like to thank every 
single one of my friends. Without them I thmk I would go absolutely 
insane. But like I said in the beginning. I thank my parents more than 
anything and anyone in the world. My parents are the reason why I am 
who I am and I am unique. 

Alice Hwang 

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened * -Or Seuss 

I'd just like to thank my family and fnends for everything. Thank you Mom 
for eating cereal and drinking cocoa late at night when I had bad dreams, 
taking care of me all those times I was s*ck over the years, being the last 
person I see every night and the first person I see every morning | just 
love you. Thank you Dad for singing m the car wrth me. wearing spandex 
around town on a regular basis, teaching me more than I ever thought I 
would know, and for always being nght across the hall when I needed you. 
Liz. thank you for being the most fun. weird, crazy, funny, awesome, 
pashdamona sister I could ever have. And from playdates to adventures 
thank you to all of my fnends I have made and kept all these years. I love 
you all SO much I couldn't have done this without you! Congrats class of 

Amelia Jackson 

Dear Emey. 

The note wd not be able to share my deepest thanks or love to you 
because those feelings cannot be simply put mto words. What I can say 
though is that you've left the dee p est and most profound impact on my Me 

and for that I thank you. 
Forever and always loving, 

Joseph Kim 

I woukj like to thank my family for all of the* care and support 
over the years Thank you to my parents for the*- kndness and support for 
me every day. Thank you to my sister. Ceteste. for looking out for me and 
grvmg me the help I needed to be a happ*er person Thank you to my dog. 
Shamrock, for bemg a loyal fnend and for cheermg me up whenever I 
needed rt I woukj l«ke to thank my fnends for helping me out when I had a 
problem and for always makjng my days way more enjoyable Fmafy. thank 
you to all who have given me support advxe. or help throughout my bfe 
and m school 

William Kopperl 

Justin Kreiner 


Ryan Kreiner 

"Like sands through the hourglass so are the days of our lives." 
I am so lucky to have been blessed with such a wonderful family. MOM: 
Thanks for everything you have ever done for me. You have always been 
there for me you are my best friend. DAD: Thanks for all the things you 
have helped and provided me with. You always knew how to make me 
laugh. CRAIG: I couldn't have asked for a better brother. You have taught 
me so much thank you. STEPHANIE & SHERI: I am so fortunate to have 
two amazing older sisters that I have been able to look up to my entire life. 
I wouldn't be the person I am today without my family. I love you guys so 
much. Too all my friends that have always been there for me you know 
who you are thank you, I will always treasure the memories we have, and 
can't wait to make more. CLASS of 201 1; It's been real. "Double the one 
Double the fun!" 

I'd like to thank the marching band 
All its staff and members, and 
To all my friends, "thank you," 
And after that I would like to 
Thank all my extended family 
Particularly my cool Aunt G 
Thanks to all the teachers I've had 
And thanks especially mom and dad! 
Lastly, of course, I thank Nathan 
So, I iterate once again 
Thank you, for these years will be 
A highly treasured memory. 

Kayla Larsen 

Bryan LeBlanc 

Thank you so much mom and dad for your dedication to helping me 
through high school and for putting up with me and my procrastination. I 
couldn't have done it without your help! Thanks to Bryan for posting 
videos on my facebook from two rooms away, for giving me lunch money, 
and for, well, being my twin. Thanks to the members of Stylus for all the 
great meetings together, and to the Drama Club for being completely 
insane and amazing! Thanks in general to my teachers and friends for 
inspiring me and helping me to be the person I am today. Congrats to the 
Class of 2011! 

Mom and dad - thank you so much for your limitless encouragement, 
patience, and just being there for me. I know sometimes I can be a major 
pain, but luckily things always seem to work out in the end, Thomas - my 
brain is now fully crammed with fun, not-so-fun, and occasionally downright 
silly memories of time spent together. I still have no idea how you 
managed to grow so big, but regardless it's been a lot of fun having you as 
a younger brother all these years. Grandma - I think it goes without 
saying that my life would be infinitely duller if you weren't a part of it. All 
of my teachers - thank you all for opening my eyes to so many new 
concepts and ideas. I've really enjoyed my 4 years at BHS. All of my 
friends - hopefully by the time any of you read this I'll be accepted into 
college and never have to see any of you ever again... ok. no. Let me try 
that again. Bedford really wouldn't be the same if it weren't for all of you 
and I'll definitely miss you next year. Good luck in the future. 

Nathan LeBlanc 

William Lee 

Mom and Dad- Thanks for always being there for me whether it was on 
the baseball field or in school, You guys were always there when I needed 
support or guidance. Even though we fight sometimes I love you guys and 
appreciate everything you guys do for me. Kevin- Even though we fight a 
lot, we have lots of good memories and it has been fun while we have 
been in high school together. Enjoy your junior and senior years and stay 
out of trouble! Cody and Becca- Thanks for being such good friends. We 
have had lots of good memories in high school together and I hope that 
they continue into college. Love you guys, Baseball Team- Thanks for all the 
good times and laughs we shared during the season. Class of 201 1- Thanks 
for all the memories we have had together through high school. It's been a 
great ride and it doesn't have to be over just because high school is coming 
to an end. Congratulations everyone we did it. GB! 


Oldest in the high school, wow it feels like just yesterday I was enjoying 
nap time in preschool. I could say that my entire life has been awesome, 
but these past four years have been the best. It didn't come easily though, 
every step I've taken my family and friends were always there to support 
me and help me out. Thanks MOM and DAD for both loving me and 
helping me grow up to be the person I am today. Thank you KATIE for 
being a great sister and friend, even though I don't see you that much since 
you're in college, I still thank you. Lastly, thanks to all my friends (you 
know who you are), for helping me make high school an amazing 

Michael Leskousk 

Jacob Levenstein 

Justin Linscott 

Benjamin List 

First of all, I want to thank my parents for everything they've done for me 
these past years. For always being there for me, and encouraging me in 
everything that I do, I really appreciate it! Thanks Leslie, for being a great 
sister and putting up with me everyday. Your bright smile always makes 
me feel better, To all the cross country girls, you guys have been great! 
Thanks for pushing me to do my best, whether we're running through 
thunderstorms or if it's 100 degrees out. I had so much fun going to 
practice, except maybe the running part. To all the teachers, thank you so 
much for your constant support! Last but definitely not least, I want to 
thank all my friends. I'm not naming names in case I forget anyone, but you 
know who you are! Thanks for being like family to me. for venting with 
me, for going on pointless car rides, and most of all, for always making me 
laugh - even if I'm crying. I love you guys! 

Natalie Ma 

Malik Mardini 

Mom and Dad: Thank you so much for the words of wisdom, the constant 
guidance, and the unconditional love. I couldn't have made it all this way 
without you two. I love you guys. Lauren: No one will ever know how 
much I look up to you. You are much more than a sister, you're my best 
fnend. I love you and I know that our relationship is only going to grow 
stronger. Nana and Papa: Thank you for all you have done for me. I love 
you both. Papa Joe: I will always be thinking of you, I love you. To the 
Lua's, Cansti's. Ferrelh's. lacopuco's. Marino's. Morgan's, and Connolly's 
thank you for the support and love along the way. To my fnends and all of 
the people I have shared a classroom with, thanks for giving me some of 
the best memories. To my madrigals, drama buddies, fellow club members, 
and to all of my teachers, thank you for making my past 4 years here at 
BHS some of the best Good Luck 201 1! 

Michael Marino 

David Matthews 

"Beginnings are usually scary and endings are usually sad. but it's 
everything in between that makes it all worth Irving.* To my momma- 
nothing I say could ever explain how much I appreciate all that you've 
done for me. You're not only my inspiration m life but you're my best 
fnend, I love you. To my brothers- you guys have made me who I am 
today. Through all the ups and downs I know if I needed you you'd be 
there To my grandfather- the most amazing man m my hfe. No one could 
ever take your place m my heart I know I'll always be your favorite. To my 
grandmother Janice- 1 miss you more everyday that you're gone. I promise 
I'll continue to make you proud. To Brandon Shane for staying by my side 
S being my best fnend. To my mam girls, my cheer girls, my [G.Ps|. To 
Ms.G & Mr, Tracy for all your support. Shoutout to my Class of 20 11 for 
some of the best years of my life! 

Jamie McDonald 

First, I would like to thank God for allowing me to make it through four 
years of high school even though things weren't always the way i wanted 
them to be. I'd like to thank my MOM for supporting me from day one 
and always encouraging me to do well. Amanda- my goon! :) for always 
supporting me and giving me a shoulder to cry on m my time of need. Dee- 
thanks for all the rides from METCO inc. and Ruggles :).. My METCO fam- 
ya'll already know what it is. -Ms. Luke: thanks for all the support you've 
given me throughout these 3 yrs. I'd like to thank everyone that has made 
high school a great experience for me. ..Class of 201 1 

"tZ < 

Ariel McManus 

"The greatest pleasure in life is dang what people say you cannot do.* 
First thanks goes to God himself, for allowing me to come this far I also 
want to thank my family, for supporting me whenever they could. A lot of 
thanks goes to my Bedford & Metco families. Being m this program so long 
has taught me a lot. whether it was educational or social. It has helped 
me become the person t am today and will be m the future. The friends 
I've had through our ups or downs, no matter what, we are still here 
standing together & growing mto the amazing people we wilt become. High 
school is what builds you for the future, whether it s the insptrauonal 
pnnopals or the unforgettable teachers, but best of all. the family I 
gam as I move on to a better and bigger life. I wont forget my years at 
Bedford High, & I hope to always have my "sisters", "best fnends* and 
"family" no matter where I go. (tear drops :) ) 

Ashley Michell 

Jessica Marshall 

Thank you to my family who has been there for me through everythin g, 
Mom: You are always pushing me to be my best and never let me U 
short. Dad: No matter what you are always there for me and have taugh 
me to believe in myself Michael and Kelly We have our ups and downs 

but I vvrll always be there for you. 

To my fnends: The best times that I have had and my greatest me/nan 
have been spent with you guys I w* never forget the fun that we have 
had and the memorws that we have created together. I can't magntagav 
through high school without you You mean everytrung to me AR. Bi K 
KR. HS. AM. CM. ML BM. TP. SH. JA. KM Seniors 2011; never forgotten 

Cody McCauley 

Sean Mclver 

Mom &Dad thanks for always being there for me. supporting me. nspinng 
me. and prov»oV>g me wrth so many great opportunities. I'm lucky to have 
role modeh as fantastic as you guys. KnstenJormy&Lorvthanks for putting 
up with me. keeping me laughing, and campaigning for a puppy Emma- 
thanks for letting us get strawberries when we share a banana 
spta& listening to Avnl for hours on end No matter how noVufous or 
pathet< our adventures turn out you always make them fun and 
memorable Geena-thanks for listening. p* honesty, waking, and 
ahvays having fresh frurt to offer Rachel&Michael-you guys bring so much 
laughter mto my hfe. Thanks for being completely outrageous, and for 
living at BF/Food Court with me Alexa-graoas para i**ng my days with 
shenanigans, wit and sass You've found a way to make even the most 
brutal classes bearable Hak^&Alexandra-softbaJl would not have been the 
same all these years without you. Thanks for st<Jung with me through the 
good seasonsithe bad To my family, fnends, teachery coaches, 
classmates, teammates, netghbors.&anyone who's ever made me smrfe. 
thank you 

Haley Merlo 

Thank you mom and dad for being you. and sculpting me «to the person I 
arr today Chris, you've got to be the cooiest 9 year okj I've ever known, 
you're hilanous and sometimes I forget you're so young. Maria, you re the 
best sister I could ever have, you re ahvays there for me whenever I need 
you. and you ve provided me with half my dotNng. Chuck, I am to proud 
of you for commg back to school, you made my junior year that much 
better You re a figure ked' N*o. I love you. Courtney there's not much I 
can say to show my appreciation to you and your farnrfy You've taken me 
n as if I'm a Stacey. and * has meant the world to me Enca. Gabby. 
Anana. AH*. Bnana. Taryrv You prH have been my fnends snce 
Elementary school, and w«ll always be onportant to me )oe. Luke. rlaft, 
Bnan I've laughed so hard. I might have even peed a kttte. Class of 2011* 
We've grown up together, our memones wil last forever! Cooked* 

Julia Montallto 


John O'Connor 

I couldn't give thanks without appreciating my large, unique, and loving 
family. I've been blessed with a uniquely large family one combined with 
McKenna and Sam Petri and their dad Vic, and then my mom, and brother 
and sister. I really love each of you guys so much in a different way and I 
apologize for the hard things I have put you all through. However I have to 
give the largest thanks to my mom and Vic, I couldn't have asked for a 
more loving, life-altering, and inspiring set of role models to look up to, you 
guys have been there for me when I needed you most, you were my best 
friends, In less than two full years I have gained friends that will last a 
lifetime and have learned a lot about myself and other people. You never 
stop growing as a person until you shut your heart from others, I want to 
give thanks for everyone who has taught me to have an open heart, for I 
am still growing. 

Apappz, Lexii Pappz 

BHS, thanks. Mom, Dad, Eric, Buddha— I can't thank you guys enough for 
letting me stay here my senior year instead of moving to TX. I love and 
miss you. Jeremy, Nadia, Luca-Thanks for being the coolest senior year 
family ever, Living with y'all is a blast! Claire, Melma, Mansa, Syd— We've 
been friends forever, and I love you. Long live the Mafia! Syd— We've made 
it through tons; you're my greatest competitor and one of my best friends. 
Haley-You always make me laugh and saved me in classes that were 
interminable. LOIzz h.M3rl0zz! Kevin, Monica, Gabby, Will, Brendan, 
Lucme, Geena. Emily, Anoush, Kayla. Santa, Amy, Gig, Nick B, Sean, Alice, 
Rachel D, Niven— You're amazing and I'll miss you. Sally-Youve been my 
best friend since sophomore year and I've enjoyed every second of it. 
You're the best friend I'll ever have and I love you so much, Go kick butt m 
life because absolutely nothing can stop you. "We will continue to be us no 
matter what happens." 

Alexa Pappas 

Mom & Dad- thanks for always being there for me and pushing me when I 
needed you. Kristin & Brett- you have showed such determination in 
succeeding your dreams and you made me want to push myself to do 
better. Erica and Julie- we have been best friends since birth and you have 
always been there to talk, and I know you always will be. I wish you the 
best in college and if you ever need anything I will always be there to talk! 
Courtney, Allie, Julia, Gabby, Becca, Laura, Ashleigh, Ariana, Molly, 
Michaela. Sam, and Marisa- thanks for making high school such a good time 
and always being there when times got rough. You have made my 
memories at Bedford amazing and I will miss you so much! Mrs. Jordan- 
thanks for all your help throughout high school! Field Hockey Girls- this 
season was incredible we have all become so close, thanks for all the 
memories and good luck next season! Seniors- I wish you all luck with 
whatever the future brings you! 

Stephanie Parham 

Taryn Peterson 

Mom & Dad- Thank you. I cannot even begin to tell you how much you 
have helped me over the past seventeen years of my life. You have been at 
every one of my games, and you cheered me on in school as well. You 
have supported me through thick and thin, and I love you both so much. 
Julie- 1 love you. You are the best sister I could ever ask for, and you are 
my best friend. You have never let me down, and you have been there for 
me anytime, anyplace. Without you, I don't know how I would have 
survived. Mike & Tim- You're my big brothers, and having you here to 
support and love me has been so important and incredible, thank you so 
much for everything. My friends- Every one of you has been an important 
part of my life. We've been through everything together, and I will miss 
you so much. To a few important people- You know who you are. Thank 
you for everything. I love you. 

MOM&DAD- Thank you for pushing me to be the best I can be, and 
showing me what hard work can do. I love you! KRISTIN- Thanks for being 
the same person as me. I love you and I'll miss you next year, make the 
best of it. JULIE- for all the advice you've given me, crazy adventures, and 
our stupid jokes. ASHEIGH- thanks for being my only friend, staring at 
everyone with me, and our fab singing in the halls. COURTNEY- for being 
the only one to get my jokes, and being there no matter what. MOLLY-for 
being my twinie, french, and creeping. TAY- for being my mom and my 
soccer co-captain. MICHAELA- for giving me advice, and weekend 
KATE- for never having a dull moment and all the fun times, love you :) 
LUCAS. BRIAN, MALIK, MATT- crew, thank you guys for the fun times 
and laughs, love you, 201 1 GUYS- thanks for memories! JASON- thanks 
for all the good times and for making high school memorable. Congrats 
class of2011! 

Emily Pietrasik 

Laura Plansky 

My life has been pretty awesome so far and it's mainly because of my 
family. Thank you Mom for all of the love and support. You taught me how 
to love and care, how to treat others and how to bake cookies. Dad, 
thanks for being so incredibly cool, You have shown me what it means to 
live your life in the best possible way. You have taught me patience and 
helped me realize that every action should be made with kindness and 
concern for others. I was raised on the belief that true love is the desire to 
give without thought of self but only of others. Mom and Dad, I know that 
you have always been there for me giving to me in every way you could, 
through love, lessons, moralities, attention, and wonderful homemade 
food. I love you so much and am so grateful that I have such absurdly 
amazing parents, 

Nicolas Plante 

As I look back on these years in high school I see how far I have come. I 
would like to thank my Mom for always being there and Dad for always 
being up for helping me with that one last problem on my homework. 
Thanks to Matt and Mike, my older brothers, for all that they've taught 
me. Thanks to all my friends, who have made high school an enjoyable 

Jeremy Poe 

"Procrastination usually results in sorrowful regret. Today's duties put off 
until tomorrow give us a double burden to bear; the best way is to do 
them in their proper time." (Ida Scott Taylor). Throughout my lifetime I've 
always procrastinated no matter what it was whether it was school work 
or chores around the house. Even with this procrastination I've had the 
support of my family and friends. I want to thank all my teachers for 
everything they've taught me, my friends Marcos, Desiree, Sophie, Jessica, 
Manny, and everyone else for all the great times we had no matter what 
we were doing. Most importantly I would like to thank my mom and dad 
for everything they've done for me and always being there whenever I 
needed you. No matter where life takes us I hope all of you have a good 
future and stay in contact. Thank you everybody for everything we've 
done together. Once again THANK YOU MOM and DAD for everything, 
love your son Joseph Pompa. 

First off I'd like to thank my family (Mom, Dad, and Evan) for always being 
there for me, pushing me to be my best, and supporting me m everything 
I've done. But mostly, I want to thank my friends for making this the best 
four years of my life. As a class we've all been through so much together, 
and at times it's been pretty tough but somehow we've survived. To my 
ladiezz on the tennis team, you guys have made these four seasons of 
tennis amahhzing (SARS, cappy pappy, syb). To my teammates on the 
volleyball team, good times bucs, this has been a crazy four years!! (KF. 
AW. BW, JC, EP) To my BEST FRIENDS EVER. Tor, Ky. Alice - 1 honestly 
don't know where to begin. I can't even imagine school without you. but 
you guys know we've had some incredible adventures and I'm sure that 
wherever the hell we end up going we'll always remember the good times 
So thanks BHS for everything, it's been one crazy nde. 

Joseph Pompa 

Gabrielle Queenan 

HE a •. 

Thank you very much! 

Brandy Reed 

Dad: Thank you for always coaching my different sport teams, and thank 
you for always helping me m whatever I may need help with over the 
years. Mom: Thank you for always making my lunch, giving me rides, and 
most importantly always being there for me. Danny: Even though you may 
always beat me up you have shown me the way and I really appreciate it. 
Michelle: You always set the bar ridiculously high, even though I will never 
be able to match it; it always makes me work harder, and thank you for 
just being an awesome sister. Thanks to my great XC and indoor track 
teammates, you guys know who you are. Thank you to my baseball 
teammates for always putting up with my anger outbursts. I will always 
have some very special memories playing with you guys. Thank you to all 
my friends, you guys have been awesome and have always been there for 
me. I wish everyone luck with whatever their future may hold. 

Benjamin Richter 

All right I am just gunna cut to the chase; I've got 175 words to thank 
those in my life who I care about. First off. mom. you've always been there 
for me when I've needed it most. And I really appreciate it even though I 
don't show it sometimes. Now for my closest friends, you guys ail know 
who you are and nothing personal if I don't mention you. Jacqui. we've had 
some great times and I know we'll always be there for each other no 
matter what, jerry, you've been my bro throughout high school and I'll 
always have your back. Patrick, your always gunna be like a brother to me. 
And now comes the time when I say goodbye, we're finally getting outta 
this school! I'm sure I'll see some of you guys down the road at some point 
I'll come back and visit from time to time 

Alan Rooney 

MOM- You've always known my full potential and were determined that I 
did too. You pushed me, and helped me turn everything around. I love you 
and thank you more than words can describe. DAD- You've always been 
there, Thank you for always listening to my mindless stones BOB- You've 
been a wonderful step-parent and I couldn't ask for better. Thank you for 
all that you've done for me, WILL & CALVIN- You boys always know 
what to say to make me laugh. Thanks for keeping a smile on my face! 
HANNAH - You're my best friend, and I will miss you like crazy. Keep 
your head up, and know that I love you. JOE- In many ways we lost a lot of 
childhood together, but I'm thankful we've had these past two years to 
catch up. Thank you for your advice with everything, and I will truly miss 
your wisdom when I leave. FRIENDS- Thank you for making these past 
four years amazing & I love you all. 


Kathryn Rosinski 

My first thanks is to the most important person that I love to death. GOD. 
Without him I wouldn't be here writing this. Thanks to my mommie for 
having me and being extremely protective of me. Without that who 
knows where I would be or what I would be doing, Only mom deals with 
my issues 24/7 and still loves me no matter what, and I love her! Thanks 
to my lovely sister. Ivana, for not abandoning me when mami left us alone 
and for taking care of me even if she had plans. You would still be there 
even after finishing an argument. I thank all my teachers but especially Ms. 
Savarmo. she's dealt with me for years and never gave up. Thanks to Ms. 
Ford and Donette for all the help. I thank special friends. Ariel and Renee, 
y'all are always there when I need support. I love y'all lots and wish the 
best. Thanks to my friends that have made my life interesting and sorry I 
didn't include everyone but I love y'all. 

Yovanna Serret 

Mom & Dad-Thank you for having my best interest at heart, keeping it 
on track, and being there through it all Whether it be making dinner t 
helping me with college I truly appreciate everything you do. Jest & Jami 
you guys are my role models and have Uught me so much n He: o| 
relationships only grow stronger each year Love you all Back to 8th gr* 
DC. Laura.Mich. Molly. Becca- we've remained so close and have frr> 
through the years. You guys have seen me at my best & worst fl net 
forget all the laughs and good times Ash-all the birthday cards and cndV 
advice Tay- you make my day with your sarcasm (loiz) and are llta 
reliable. I feel like I've known you both my whole Irfe TP6TE- thanks toy 
and family for be»ng there since day one. love Cancun & Cape memon 
Thank you- Anana. Gabby. Steph. Courtney 20 1 1 boys-thanks guys 
making everything a good time. Justm-I'm always happy when I'm wvth 
thank you for always being there- 1 love you. 

Julie Reynolds 

Thank you to all of my family who has always been there for me. Mom- 
Thanks for putting up with me all these years, supporting me through 
everything, and teaching me how to Iff life to the fullest Dad- Thanks for 
pushing me to become a better person whether it's with softball or school, 
and for supporting and encouraging my decisions «i life. Seana&Kayla- Even 
though we fight I will always be there for you guys no matter what love 
you sisters. I'm going to miss you guys. Thank you to all my amazing 
friends who have had my back throughout the years: Jess (I love you so 
much, best friends since JGMS days and will stay that way forever). Cody 
(You're my best fnend forever and you know (t). Bnana K (I love you and 
I'm gomg to miss you so much). Erica. Jam*. Sammy, Cam. And. Bnana M, 
Caroline. Kate R, KayU. Kayoe. Deonnah. PG's. Softball and Cheerieadmg 
girls. Mrs. Billoum Oass of 201 1- Thanks for all the great memories and 
good luck. 

Alexandra Riley 

'We are always getting ready to kve. but never Irving ' - Ralph Wak 


It is mindbtowing to finally experience the comprehension that my Mud 
years m the Bedford School System ts over Mom. Did. Emma. Abbes', if 
Grace. I will never be able to thank you enough You have always be 
there for me. pushing me to be my very best and guiding me on the ng 
path through life Friends, whom I wi not name out of fear of acodema 
forgetting someone, you have made these years unforgettable, and I tha 
you for that Teachers, especially Mr Niven. I thank you for your ladba 
yet enlightening atmosphere which allowed me to grow immensely as bott 
student and as a person I wilt never forget History Far and the numtro 
aliVMghters that accompanied it and I thank Mr Sunderland for otVnnf I 
endless assistance on our life-changing feat I know that my ambition * 
tenacity that I have developed over the years can be attributed to the 
those who nave supported me. Thank you so much. 

Alex Rosier 

I d like to thank the academy and all the little people who have made 

this possible. 

Think you to the bonfires, and the baking parties, and 
the car talks, and the crazy adventures, and the life chats, and the 
sleepovers. ind the marching band competitwnv and the dance classes, 
and the dub meetings, and all the msprmg minds. 

Thank you Bryan Nash for being my best fnend. 

Katherine Segal 

Thanks to my "FamBam* 

Mom- you are my rock you are always there for me 
You help me with whatever it is I need. You never judge me, and I thar 

you for that I love you mom (: 

Sidd- you re like the father I never had. Ever smce I was kttte you would 
your hardest to mike sure that I learned something new everyday, I kne 
sometimes I wouldn t want to. but thank you because it helped me a lot 
school I love you and don't worry I I always be your "baby" (: 
Gaga- Thank you I know I don t show it sometimes but I reaty apprec* 
everything you do for me I tove you (: 
To my other family, thank you! I love you guys 

Thanks to my best fnends Anita (aka amtabanita) and Tana (aka momma] 
I tove y'all you're like my firmly. You guys helped me •survive" Iv^i school 



Zakkiyya Sewell 

Mom & Dad- whether it was editing my papers or giving me advice, thank 
you for always being there. I truly appreciate everything you do for me; I 
wouldn't be half the person I am today without your support & guidance, I 
love you. Em-Nora that was rude & for always being there for my 
Ramona Quimby moments. Amy-That'd be great... & endless memories in 
The Rugged Bear. You guys are the most amazing sisters & role models I 
could ever ask for. Thanks for teaching me so much about life; I love you 
both. Friends- Thanks for the laughs, crazy nights, great advice, & being 
there through it all. Julie- love our inseparable summers & creeping; thank 
you for always being right and giving me the advice I didn't always want to 
hear. Mich- for being with me since before preschool & so many fabulous 
memories along the way. Laura- for being my twin. French buddy, staring & 
always feeling the same way. BD, GB, TDLP, AA, AT, CS, KR - thanks for 
everything, love you. 

Molly Siegenthaler 

I would like to thank all my friends sincerely because high school would not 
have been as good as it was without you guys. Also I would like to thank 
my parents for supporting me these four long years; without them I surely 
would not be on my way to college. High school was a learning process for 
me, both educationally and socially, and because of my teachers, peers, and 
parents, I feel like I am prepared to take the next step in advancing my 
knowledge of the world. As Kurt Vonnegut said, "New knowledge is the 
most valuable commodity on earth. The more truth we have to work with, 
the richer we become." 

Paul Sobchenko 

"And in the end it s not the years m your life that count. It's the life m your 

- Abraham Lincoln 

I would like to thank my mom for supporting me throughout my whole life 
and being there for me when I needed her, Also other family members 
that were there and who wants me to be successful in life. I would like to 
thank Mr. Sumner and Ms. Jasmine from my program for giving me many 
new experiences and opportunities and the prep related classes that were 
helpful for school. They pushed me to do well and make sure that I 
achieved to the best of my ability. And thanks to all my friends: Arid, 
Renee. and Ashley etc. for having this journey with me. 

Coretta Simmons 

"He who has a 'why' to live for can bear with almost any 'how'." - 
Fnednch Nietzsche 

First off, thank you Mom and Dad for guiding me through school and 
these first seventeen years of my life. Your internalized values that you 
have taught me have laid the foundation for the person that I am today. 
Thank you for instilling an appreciation and desire for education, hard 
work, and self-betterment in me. Second, thank you to my teachers for 
their unrelenting dedication, hard work, and time and effort that they put 
forth to teach me. A special thanks to Mr. Sunderland for bringing 
National History Day to Bedford High School, being a fantastic leader of 
the project, and for facilitating the intellectual growth that characterized 
my sleepless junior year. Finally, thank you to my friends for staying by my 
side and keeping me entertained. 

Andrew Spector 

"When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back 
and laugh at the sky" "Buddah 

Mom & Dad: Mom, for being my mentor & role model, our relationship is 
unlike any other. Dad, thank you for teaching me to love baseball, 
persevere when things get hard & to always reach high. Love you both 
Eliza- lizey, thank you for dealing with my crazmess, stupid problems & 
letting me squeeze into your wardrobe. I love you. Ben-you've grown up 
way too fast bennyboo. Thank you for always making me laugh, I love you. 
Julia-my second sister, partner in crime, teammate & bff. You know me 
inside & out & have helped me grow so much as a person, Thank you, I 
love you. Anne- my right hand girl & copilot in everything. I love you. Erica. 
Anna, Allie, An, Laurz, Monz. T-Pain. Gabbs. Kayla, Sal, Geena- I love you 
guys so much, you have each helped me in a different way. thank you for 
being amazing friends, jr, mc, ms, bd, aa, tayz-gfrens. love ya. 2011 baby, 
we did it. 

Activities: Football 1,2,3,4 Capt. 3.4 

First to my parents, my stepfather, especially my mother you really 
pushed me throughout my high school career and supported me 
throughout the bad and good times. Thanks to my father for being a good 
mentor in my life and always having good advice to keep my head on 
straight. Scotty you've always given me advice on football to keep me 
going and to push myself. Ms. Sav. you pushed me more than any teacher 
has ever pushed me, I've had a wonderful 4 years with you. Thanks, Mr, 
Zellner all the good times we had as a student/ teacher and player/ coach 
"they climbing in yo window". Thanks Dajaan, & Justin we had good times. 
Thanks Steve, Taylor & Frankie for the friendship. We had our fun times 
on and off the football field. Nick, you've been there since day one and will 
always be a true friend. Coach Belcher, though we had our rocky times, 
these last 3 years, it's been a good one. Thanks to the cute girls across the 
hall from my locker (lucky Taylor). 

Courtney Stacey 

Demetrius Steed 

First off, I'd like to thank my family for helping me get through the last four 

Mom&Dad: Without you, I would be lost. I know I may not always show it, 
but I really do appreciate everything you have done for me. I'm so 
fortunate to have you as my parents. 

Allie: You are an awesome sister. Even though we fight sometimes and I 
may not text you as much as you would like me to. but I consider us to be 
extremely dose and I hope that never changes. 
And last, but certainly not least- 
Bryan; You really have made me a better person. Thanks to you, I realize 
how lucky I am to have a family like mine and that I deserve to be happy. 
You truly are my best friend. 

I've made it this far in life and I could not have done it without the help of 
all my friends and family. Thanks guys! I love you all so much! I cannot wait 
to start this new adventure in my life and I know you all will be there 
supporting me. You guys have made all these years ones to remember. So 
again, thank you, you guys are the best! Lastly, I want to say CONGRATS 
2011! We did it. :) 

Amanda Szlosek 

Devon Tate 


Mom, Dad, and Jeff I cannot even explain how grateful I am of you. Mom. 
you have been an incredible influence on my personality and how I live my 
life. Dad. thank you for coaching me in soccer, basketball, and baseball, it 
made such an impact on me having such a wonderful coach, and for being 
an incredible role model. Jeff. I couldn't ask for a better brother. We share 
amazing jokes, play sports, and I just have countless great memories. 
Anne, you have made my high school life absolutely amazing, and I could 
not have gotten through it without you, Thank you to all my teachers, 
especially Sunderland, my teammates, and coaches, especially my baseball 
and soccer coaches the past 4 years. To my history fair group. Ben, Spec. 
Will, and Alex, I would not have wanted to go through that process with 
anyone else and to everyone else who has made an impact on me. without 
any of you I would not be the person I am today. 

Wow. I can't believe four years has gone by just like that. It feels like just 
yesterday I was leaving for the first day of freshmen year. To start out if it 
weren't for my family, friends, and God. I don't know what I woukJ've 
done. Mom and Dad, if it weren't for you always pushing me to do my 
best, I don't know how I would've made it through the past twelve years 
of school. Also, I would like to thank all my friends, because they really 
have always been there for me. and I will always be grateful for that. 
Finally. I believe that God has helped me get through even the hardest 
times during these years, and if it weren't for Him, I don't know where I'd 
be. I love you all, thank you so much for everything. 

Nicholas Taylor 

Sarah Taylor 

Mom- Thanks for always being there for me in everything I do. You always 
have the best advice and have made me the independent and outgoing 
person I am today. Dad- From preschool crafts to dyeing my (and 
Mackenzie's) hair pink at 2AM. your creativity has rubbed off on me over 
the years. I really appreciate all that you do. Anna- you are a true best 
friend and I love how silly/ goofy we are together. I know you always have 
my back. Courtney- "Ms.TotallyFlex", our connection since kindergarten 
has only grown stronger and you will always be my "go-to* person for 
venting. Erica- From dance parties to celebrating our sweet 1 6. 1 can always 
anticipate an awesome time when we're together. Julia- Thanks for being 
the honest, reliable, "real", understanding, funny, and encouraging friend 
that you are. Seniors- JULIE, BECCA. MOLLY, LAURA. ALLIE. 
MICHAELA, and all my other senior girl and guy friends, thanks for all the 
fun times especially at pool parties and "gatherings" over the years. I will 
miss you all! 

Ariana Terrasi 

V. - 

Jessica Tittle 

Thank you to everyone for being there and helping me survive these last 
four years. My biggest thanks goes to my parents for helping me through 
the ups and the downs. It s been a great experience. 
I've especially loved playing volleyball with everyone- special shout out to 
Anna. Gabby. Marci. Kylie. and all the other players I've had great times 
playing with! 

Thanks to everyone that managed to keep the marching band alrve. 
especially Holly, my co-conspirator/ flag-twirler since 8th grade 
Also, drama dub and TOP has kept me entertained since freshman year, I'll 
miss our crazmess! 

Of course, I also have awesome friends to thank, like Kaitlyn. Jess. Katie. 
Natalie, and many more. Julia- thanks for always being there and for your 
family always being willing to take me along on your adventures. A final 
thanks to all the teachers that helped me to not fail Congrats class of 201 1' 

Rebecca Waghorne 

First, I want to thank my mom! I love you! I also want to thank my 
teachers throughout high school. I have learned so much! Finally. I want to 
thank all my friends, but especially my best friends in the world: Kylie. 
Gabby, and Alice. I feel like I have known you forever and I can't imagine 
life without you next year. You girls are my sisters I love you! I wish you 
were sweaters, so I could take you with me to college next year! 

Victoria Waldron 

Carl Thrasher 

Whoa I can't believe that I made it. it's been one helluva nde I never 
would be here if it weren't for my family My Mom and Dad I owe 
everything to. They kept me on track and worked tirelessly to help me 
through school Thank you for everything you ve done for me you guys 
are awesome and love you both. Narue you re the best ill sis a k»d could 
ask for I'm going to miss you next year Mr Berlino you're my dude 
thanks for everything helping me through my less then perfect freshman 
year and just being a good guy to me. The lunch bunch, boys we have been 
together since the beginning so many good times inappropriate to tell m 
this thanks but you guys know what I'm talking about. And finally the Abs 
Matt. Diz and Mai you guys are like brothers to me thanks for being my 
absolute dudes through all this crazy stuff Guys it's been really real 

Lucas Vatcher 

"Life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it" 
Frst. my Mom and Dad deserve special thanks for prepanng me on how 
to react to everyttwig that kfe can throw at you dumg thrteen years of 
school Your advice and values have molded me m the person inn I ant 
today Thank you to Hannah for filkng my junxx and senior years w*ti 
unforgettable memories You made the last half of high school significantly 
better than the first and I cannot imagine getting through it with anyone 
out you Thank you to N<k. Spec W« and Alex for an unforgettable 
history fair experience and the rxrroVxe journey that went wdh C 
Thank you to my fnends for be*ig an endless source of laughs amusement 
and support Thank you to my teachers for showng me how and why we 
learn And. lastly, a thank you to everyone for making any p t u ctan. 
concern, worry, complication or issue insignificant compared to the people 
around me. 

Benjamin Waldron Feinstein 

To my family, especially my parents, who have guided me my whole kfe to 
where I am now To Stephen, who has made me laugh harder than I could 
ever imagine To Ariana. for being the most dependable fnend I could ask 
for To Courtney, for somehow understanding me better than anyone else. 
To Monica, whose fnendship has only made me a better person To all of 
my fellow Lady Bucs |EH AH GQ BW KF EP JC JR MC TP MS LP), with 
whom I have shared some of my best memories of high school And to 
Michael and Briana. who've been there since the very beginning Should I 
wnte an autobiography one day. I probably won't wnte any of you out of 

Anna Walling 

"Don t frown because u s over. sm*e because it happened* 

If you've ever spoken tomtn your kfe. thank you For at least a second, 
you probably made me smile. If you have ever made me laugh (wtvji 
might also be everyone I've ever talked to). I am extremely glad you ant 
akve You don't need senior thanks to tei you that So to everyone «i thk 
school, mom. dad strangers on the street Lex Mike. Dan, the soccer and 
ski teams. BF girls, and that crazy bum on Boston Common who predKts 
Red Sox scores, thank you. You have contnbuted to making me the 
person I am today and made my kfe so far exceedngty happy 

Alexandra Walsh 

Sarah Waters 


If you are reading this senior thanks to see if you're in it, stop. Move on. 
Everyone who has ever associated with me has in some small way helped 
me become a better person and thus deserves to be thanked. The road 
through high school has been full of its ups and its downs, and I certainly 
would not have made it through without the wisdom and encouragement 
of my peers, family, and faculty alike. Hopefully through their guidance I 
have arrived at a higher point than where I stared four years ago. Most 
importantly, thank you class of 2011. We've grown together since we 
were toddlers and in 23 years I'll look back to these years with a bald head 
and have something to smile about. 

First, I want to thank God for sparing my life to see my senior year of High 
School. I want to thank my family for their love and support. Also my 
teachers and counselors who guided me through my high school career. 
Especially Ms. G., I love you. Thanks to all my Metco. Bedford, and Base 
family. For my friends who have been with me through the years, special 
thanks to Ariel, Jessica, Ashley, Coretta. Yovanna and Cullen, I love you all. I 
have mixed emotions -part of me is sad to leave, but I will be moving on to 
a higher level in my education. Each of us has his or her own toolbox; it s 
full of memories, experiences, accomplishments, and dreams. As we go off 
in different directions, remember the only one who can close your toolbox 
is YOU. There will always be room for more tools, more memories, new 
experiences, greater accomplishments and yes, even bigger dreams. I'm 
going to truly miss Bedford High but thank you all for my success. 

Benjamin Weaver 

Cheeseman, Cheese 

"It's better to burn out than fade away" 

MOM (and LUCY) - Even though we butt heads pretty much every day, 
/ou're the greatest mom I could ask for. I am so grateful for everything 
you have done for me, whether it be getting me to baseball practice, 
helping me with my homework or working hard to provide for our family. 
MRS.GIUSTI - Every day I came in you would always help me no matter 
what, and for that I thank you. Without you. I'm positive that I would not 
have made it through high school. 

MRS. FORD - Thank you for putting up with me and helping me succeed 
these past four years, 

MR. ALPERIN - It's been nice to have someone to talk to about life, music 
and sports. 

unconditionally my best friends, and I just wanna say thanks for always 
having my back and liking me for who I am. 

Renee White 

"The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life... We 
cannot change our past.,. We cannot change the fact that people will act in 
a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do 
is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude..." Thanks for... 
Mom: learning, loving, laughing & growing together; teaching me about the 
realties of the world, meaningful conversations & always willing to give me 
a hug. Dad: sharing a creative mindset; teaching me how to approach life 
from different angles. Evan: being my opposite, dealing with sasha & fergie 
all these years, & being an example of how to just live life. Leah: sharing an 
indefinable bond; pushing & challenging me. Fnesen girls: your guidance & 
quality time. Ms. Ford: watching me grow S develop. Teachers: exuding 
passion in your work & encouraging students to learn (social studies & 
english departments), Friends: in one-way or another I have learned 
something from each & every one of you; silly to deep conversations; the 
connections I have made & for the spontaneous laughter. 

Alexander Williams 

Monica Wong 

Daniel Wilkerson 

c Mss 





It is with pride and love we wish you much happiness and success in 
life's journey. You have grown from a spirited and entertaining boy into a 
hardworking and confident young man. Thank you for sharing your love 
of music and theater with us. We have thoroughly enjoyed every moment 
and look forward to many more performances. Be true to yourself and 
reach for the stars. Dreams do come true! 
Much Love, Mom, Dad and Lauren 


f % - 

toiy wn 

Congratulations, Tory! 
We are very proud 
to have 
such a 
wonderful daughter. 
Mom and Dad 


cWTgrats Gina Luisa Ballard! 
You are our #1 star forever 
shining bright! Best ofluck in 
all that your future holds for 

We love you forever! 

Mom, Dad, YaYa & Sophia 


You bring calm, caring 
and kindness into the 
world. These qualities will 
take you far in life. Thanks 
for all the joy you brought 
to us. we love you to the 
moon and back! 
With all our love, 
Mom, Dad, 
Emily and Amy 



We are incredibly 
proud of you. Since 
the moment you were 
born you have filled 
our lives with love, 
joy and laughter. You 
are a blessing and a 
We love you! 
Mom, Dad and Julie 

Hey D, 

You're the only Wilkerson to make your mark on all four Bedford 
schools - way to go! Thanks for bringing such joy to our lives these 
past years, and to so many others, as well. You've been a good 
friend, and a great son! 
With love and gratitude, 
Mom and Dad 

Nick Taylor 

From Bears to Baseball & Beyond 

Keep the 

* Smile in your eyes 
* Focus on your passions 

* Trust in your heart 
And you'll do just fine!!! 

We love you and are so proud of you! Congratulations! 
Love, Mom, Dad, Jeff and Sparky 

The Kreiner Boys, 
Seniors at last! Congratulations to you 
both! Your mom and I know that this 
hasn't been an easy task with all of the 
moves from base to base. The two of 
you have left friends in areas but still 
managed to carry on without missing 
a beat. Not only keeping up with 
your studies from school to school 
but also maintaining a social bond 
that will stick with you both for the 
rest of your life. Mom and I are very 
proud of the young men that you 
have become. Thank you for being 
such amazing kids. We love you both 
very much. 

Adam, we're so 
proud of you! We 
know you'll do 
great things. 

Mom, Dad & 

Anna Walling 

We are so proud of the 
person you are and your 
accomplishments. Make 
the most out of life. 

Mom, Dad & Stephen 

Carpe Diem 


Always know that 
your laughter, 
goodness and 
tenacity will serve 
you well. We are 
so proud of you!!! 
Mum, Dad, 
Heather & Hilary 

We wish you all the 
best as your journey 
Mom, Dad, 
Jess, Jamie & Lexi 




i * 


K-k-k-k-Katie, beautiful Katie! 
We have been blessed by 
your presence in our lives. 
Always know how much we 
love and support you. 
Mom, dad, Bob, Joe, 
Hannah, Will, and Calvin 



Remember to 
share your humor, 

kindness and 
determination with 
others. You make 
us proud!! 

Mum, Dad, 
Heather & Heidi 

Jackie Bradford 


Joyful - You are always happy, jubilant, 
and full of spirit. Your joy brings smiles 
to others. 

Artistic - You are so talented and 
creative with your many designs and 
ingenious ideas. 

Compassionate - Your caring, generous, 
affectionate ways have touched so many 

Kindness - You are selfless, sweet and 
considerate. Your kind ways are endearing 
to everyone. 

Intelligent - You are so smart, wise, witty, 
and clever. We are so proud of all your 

Excellent - You are the greatest daughter 
and we are so proud and love you so very 
very much! 

As you begin your next journey, may you continue to approach each challenge 
with your own individual style. Your many talents, tenacious spirit, and compas- 
sionate ways will provide you with the strength to succeed and enjoy all of life's 
adventures. We love you with all our hearts. 
Mom, Dad "Bob ", Alex and Sam 


We have watched you take your first steps, your first dive into the 
pool, your first trip in an airplane, your first dance, your first 
broken heart, your first up to bat.. we have watched with great joy 
and pride, every baby step of the way.. .We have seen you drive 
away in your new car for the first time, and stand up to bat in a 
stadium made for super heros you. The pride we feel in 
your carefree ways, and your good heart, the way you made us 
laugh through out the years... and of all these things two things 
stand out.. two things you have said to us over and over.. .we will 
never forget "it isnt what it looks litce 
', when your stealing the last cup cate.and "I do what I want" 

As you go off to a life we can only hope is 
amazing.. remember.. never be blue.. we love you! 
Love Mimi and Dub 

Michael Leskouski 

Do not follow where the path may lead. 
Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson 
We love you and are so proud of you! 
Mom, Dad & Kevin 

7mm vmaason 

Gongmtulations! You are a wonderful daughter and we are so proud of all of your success and accomplishments in high school. Your 
hard work, drive and determination, along with your great sense of humor, will help you succeed in college and in life. Your future is 
exciting and filled with many opportunities, fls you pursue your dreams, remember that we will always be there to cheer you on and 

support you! Cove, fnom, Dad, Kristin, IBrett & Coco 

SEan patniCK 


"Basketball doesn't build character it reveals it." 

- author unknown 

Sean - On and off the court, your many talents, 
your caring heart and your determination will 
take you wherever you want to go in lifei We're 
very proud of youi We love youi 

Bryan & Nathan 

You make us proud! 

Mom & Dad 

Ben Richter 

Even though you are the youngest, you 
were never the baby of the family. You 
demonstrate decision making, 
insightfulness, independence and 
wisdom well past your years. Watching 
you develop into a man has been very 
rewarding for us. We look forward to 
witnessing your accomplishments as 
you continue your journey through life. 
Love Dad, Mom, Danny, Michelle 

Haley Merlo 

You know how to make us smile and 

how to make us laugh. You are a 
delightful daughter and a spectacular 
sister in our family!!! Keep on laughing 
and enjoying life and all it has to offer to 

We love you! 
■Mom & Dad- 
Kristen, Jon, Lori and Bella 

Brian A. 

You remind us always 
of the power of passion. 

We are so proud of you! 
Love - Mom, Dad, Kenny 

Since the day I found out I was having you, you have been my miracle. 
Every day, from the day you were born until now, you have been my 
miracle. You have brought sunshine to a dark place, you brought smiles 
where there were once tears. You have never ceased to amaze me . You 
made me proud of you as a child, as a brother, as a friend, and I couldn't 
be more proud of the man you have become. You inspire me to be better. 
You are a great ball player. Never stop reaching for your dreams. You are 
one of those special people that leave an imprint on everything and 
everyone you encounter. You have made a difference in this world. You 
saved my life. We have been through it all together, and we are better 
people for it. As it was in the beginning, it will continue to be.. .you and me 
against the world!! You make my heart happy. I love you more than the 
moon and the stars. 

Love Always, 

Mom, Matt, Cheyenne, Savannah, Kaya & Dad 


/ am so proud of you. 

With your 
determination, you can 
accomplish anything, 
lust believe in yourself. 
You are an amazing girl. 

Smile often and 
remember I am always 
here for you. You are 
my everything. 
I love you! 


Becky did it. Congratulations on 
a great four years. The sky is the 
limit, so just keep reaching! 
Mom, Dad, & Tommy 

Steph, you owe me a big thank you for making 
you so good at sports. I am very proud of what 
you accomplished in high school. I want you to 
find what will make you truly happy in life. I love 
you very much. Hit the path of life head on! Never 
give up. We have faith in you. Your future is wide 
open. -Andrew 

Steph, you are an amazing kid - bright, funny, 
athletic. Seeing you grow up has been one of the 
greatest joys of my life. You are very caring - last 

Mother's Day was the best ever. I love you very 
much and am really proud of you. I know you will 
exceed in college. Have a blast. 










We love you and are proud of you as a son, as a brother, and as 
a young man. 

Mom, Dad, Dan and Theresa 


* To (he beautiful baby who came into 
this world with such spirit, may you 
continue to laugh, inspire and lead with 

* To the toddler who wouldn't claim 
victory until she could ride AND "push 
off" her bike without help, may you 
recognize that your tenacity will always 
serve you well! 

* To the girl who has been loyal and 
compassionate, may you continue to 
cultivate and enjoy the relationships that 
really matter. 

* To the teenager who worked hard, 
juggled much and cared even more, may 
you understand that your dedication to 
seeing things through will keep on 
bringing you success. 

* To the young woman who has grown 
in so many ways and has been an 
amazing daughter and sister, may you 
forever know how much we will always 
be here for you. 

We love you more than you can 

Mom & Dad. Alicia 

Vincent, Ava & Stella 

"7b unpalhed waters, undreamed 
shores " -Shakespeare 

Dear Nicole. 
Since the day you were bom. you have 
brought us joy, laughter, and love. Close 
or far. you will always have our support 
and be our little girl. We are so proud of 
all your accomplishments, and the kind 

of person you have grown up to be. 
Never lose your unique spirit, positive 
attitude, and smile, we know you will 
succeed in whatever you choose in life. 
Best of luck for (he road ahead! 
Mom. Dad & Gaby 


Bryan Rackowski 

Bryan, you always seem to find a way to get ahead, no 
matter how hard the challenge! Words can't describe how 
proud we are of you for this achievement. 

The best is yet to come. 
Love Mom, Dad and Alyssa 


Go confidently in the 
direction of your dreams. 
Live the life you have 

-Henry David Thoreau 


We are so proud 
of you! 
Your Family 



The future belongs to 
those who believe in 
the power of their 
dreams. -Eleanor 

Dream Big! I believe 
in you! 
Love, Mom 

"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any 
direction you choose." (Dr. Seuss) Congratulations Alexandra! Love from Michigan 
Auntie Robyn, Uncle Martin, Heather and Daniel 

"Peace to BC, always and forever. LOVE YOU SISTER." -Kayla 

Certain things catch your eye. But pursue only those that capture your heart Love from 
Mom and Dad. 

I am so very proud of you! Oma 
You graduated! You're such a pimp. Love Seana 
Congrats from Paris, France! Uncle Gerard & Auntie Lisa 

Thank you for being an amazing young woman. 
We love you more than you can imagine. You 
are a phenomenal daughter, sister, friend, 
student, athlete and teammate. We are 
incredibly proud of you and have loved 
watching you evolve and become the 
impressive, strong person you are today. Your 
work ethic and talents continually amaze us. 
You have given us so much joy! We know we 
are lucky to have you. We know you have an 
amazing future awaiting you! Thank you, thank 
you, thank you! 
Love, Mom, Dad & Evan 



Here's a boy who will go far! 

Congratulations, Kevin. We are 
proud of you. 


Mom, Dad, and Andy 

Ariana Terrasi 

It takes an athlete to 
dance, but an artist to 
be a dancer. 

Ariana, we are so 
proud of you as a 
dancer, student and 

Mom and Dad 


Our "Eyes with Pride" 
are on you, Carl. 
Great job. 
We love you, 
Dad, Mom, Britta & Lisa 

The Bedford Athletic 
congratulates the 

Class of 2011 
for their success 
both in the classroom 

on the athletic fields 
of Bedford. 


Congrats Class of 2011 1 

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